Listen: Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Release A New Song Titled ‘Twerk’


Folks … the end is nigh … or, at the very least, the end of twerking may finally be upon us … because today we get to hear a newly leaked song about twerking titled Twerk as recorded by the tween twerk queen Miley Cyrus and her BFF Justin Bieber. It’s unknown if this ode to twerking will ever be officially released as a single or on an album but … it’s out now … and there’s no going back. Click the embed above, if you dare, to give this new song a listen and see what you think about it. Twerking may be here to stay or it may have just been killed forever by this song so … remember this day.

  • al

    I find it sad how the media is crediting Miley with popularizing twerking when twerking has been around for years……blah

  • Joan

    They video wouldn’t play so I dared look for it elsewhere (I know. I’m not proudI Other than wondering whether Miley “sang” (/) her part through a pinched nose, I just can’t even with these two wannabes and all the performers who indulge them in their madness.

  • Alecia

    Waste of a hot beat.

  • meme

    oh dear lawd, two twits singing about twerking. don’t you need an ass to twerk? miley’s is a flabby pancake.

  • Brittany

    That word needs to go away and quickly! Twerking has been around a lot longer than Miley has been alive. Ugh!

    • Vicky

      You said it… UGH. I do hope these two end up hooking up, though. They totally deserve eachother.

  • Alyssa

    She needs to disappear.
    And I can’t stand that word or that action.

  • Iris B

    They look alike…they act alike…let’s finally give them their “Flowers in the Attic” moment and lock them in one. Seriously.
    Let them Twerk together away from us. Win-win situation.

  • Sandy!

    My goodness, you’d think she’d really be able to twerk with how much she talks about twerking.
    Also, Miley, baby girl, SQUATS ARE YOUR FRIEND

  • Joey

    I speak for the entire city of New Orleans when I say WE ARE NOT AMUSED.