Showtime Releases A First Poster For ‘Homeland’ Season 3


Thus far we’ve already seen two teaser videos (HERE and HERE) and a full-length trailer (HERE) for the upcoming third season of the Showtime drama Homeland. Today we get to see the first promo poster for the show. As you can see below, Carrie and Brody’s relationship gets complicated (further) by Carrie’s mentor Saul and, well, that appears to form the basis of the coming season’s drama. With just weeks to go before Homeland returns to TV, the promo stuff is coming at us fast and furious … which makes the waiting seem not so bad, I think.

Except for the full-length trailer, I’m trying to stay away from plot spoilers. As I’ve said many times before, Homeland is one of my favorite shows and I’m really looking forward to it’s return next month. I like this poster … I like all of the promo stuff, honestly. I am really anxious to see where things go when Homeland season 3 premieres on Showtime on September 29. I’m ready to pledge my allegiance, are you?


  • Grant Myers

    #saulisnotinonit #fingerscrossed