First Listen: Eminem Releases A New Single Titled ‘Berzerk’


Yesterday we learned that Detroit rapper Eminem is readying the release of a new album, titled The Marshall Mathers LP 2, later this year and today we get to hear the first single, titled Berzerk, from that album in full. As you can hear in the embed above, Berzerk is a sample-heavy track (produced by Dr. Dre, btw) that sounds like classic Eminem. It’s been a long time since Em came at us with a single this strong, so I think fans are going to lose their shizz with the return of Slim Shady. Check out the audio of Berzerk above and see what you think.

  • Em

    Shannon, your thoughts? Did he just serve Kendrick a new one? I mean seriously. No doubt they share mad respect for one another, but Kendrick goes and boils the waters in hip hop and a week later Em comes and pours it over everyone’s faces.

    If Bey knew when to use BOW DOWN properly, now would be the time. Then again Em has his own account now.

  • Matty

    I keep waiting for him to release an album or song where isn’t name dropping and talking smack about other celebrities. He continues to do the same thing every time. I loved his first album and had such high hopes for him, but I personally grew tired of the same thing album after album. He’s gonna be 41 in October, can’t he grow up and stop being a bully? And going after a Kardashian isn’t even a challenge.

  • nicole

    it took me a few listens to get into this..but i’ve never been a huge fan of Em’s first single – which is always the radio friendly single. but it has the old Eminem vibe and i like it. with the album title, and the blonde hair freakin excited. something tells me a few newbies are gonna be put in place.

  • Abby

    Can’t seem to get it to work!

  • Alecia

    Eminem could rap about red vines and people get hype. But the real question is, when is Dr. Dre going to drop Detox?

    • nicole

      Detox is like the loch ness monster…you hear about it, but you’re never going to see it.

  • rOXy

    Nothing but mad love for Em. Even though this sounds like his classic style, it has a fresh edge. LOVE.

  • Matty

    @Alecia- I agree. IMO Eminem is to the music industry what the Iphone is to the cell phone industry. Anytime there’s something new, there’s a ton of hype and people go crazy and buy it. Whether it is good or bad, or just like the last release, people still go nuts over it. That’s the main reason neither never really changes lol. There’s no need if people are gonna buy it anyway.

  • Joan

    Well, this is MEANT to sound like his classic style. He is purposely going the Slim Shady direction on this one. There’s no reason to expect anything else when he is being forthright about what he is aiming for in the freaking song. It can be hilarious [if people don’t lose sight that he is playing a character and (just like K-Fed) let themselves go.)] I think it’s catchy, energetic and I’m all over it.