Watch: Lady Gaga Performs As Different Versions Of Herself During The 2013 MTV VMAs


I know for some people Lady Gaga is a polarizing figure– you love her or loathe her and there’s no in-between. But I’m in-between with this chick! I was totally not impressed with her Applause single when I first heard it, and wasn’t sure about her performance art movement, but I actually dug her performance when she opened up the 2013 MTV VMAs last night. It wasn’t over-the-top shocking and it wasn’t underwhelming either– at least not for me. I loved seeing Gaga dress up as various Gagas, ending with that ginormous hair from the V Magazine shoot and a friggen bikini, LOL. I really got the sense that she was sort of poking fun at herself, and those kind of performances always win me over. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thought of her act, and for those of you who might’ve missed– peep the video for more!


  • JJS

    This song and performance is growing on me. The performance the first time was so so as I was expecting a GAGA EXTRAVAGANZA. For another performer I would have been wowed right off the bat. But watching it again and hearing her interview post VMA’s – She says she, “expects to be in the business for 30 more years.” – It made me think… is this a new more mature and – gasp – thoughtful gaga? Let’s hope so.

  • Veronica

    I absolutely loved her performance. She has one of the most beautiful and strong voices in pop music today and is always a thoughtful entertainer. I loved how she paid homage to her past performances and stage personas, and I am so looking forward to her album release! “Applause” definitely has grown on me the more I’ve heard it!

  • nicole

    still hate the song….but its werid…usually i hate her over the topness..but last night i kind of missed it and felt this was a little boring for an opening act. and just would be nice if she had her ass covered.

  • cutitotu321

    I felt like the whole revisiting past incarnations of her looks was a bit premature… It was reminiscent of Madonna’s 1999 Video Vanguard Drag-Show………. Only Gaga is only 4-5 years and 2 albums in and apparently slipping in popularity and relevance.

  • Krissy

    I liked her performance. I really like the song and I thought the idea of switching up the wigs was fun. How many chicks in the industry wear wigs/extensions, and yet how many times do we actually get to see the wig cap under it all?

  • stfuChivonne

    The beginning made me so uncomfortable. She was so large and in my face. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had watched it on the large screen TV. I had to tip my laptop and squint to feel less violated.

  • Kelly

    You have to watch it a few times. When it first came out I thought the beginning was odd and didn’t get a few things. I was like how embarrassing letting people see your wig cap, lol. Then someone said she went through her outfits so I watch it again on youtube. I was like ahh I get it now. But I didn’t know Lady Gaga was bugged eye though. Then when it was finally on MTV I got most of it but I don’t know why she decided to go bug eye. She did that on purpose.

  • Joan

    “Applause” is growing on me. I have caught myself singing the only parts of the song I know a few times, ever since the music video was released. I enjoyed the VMAs performance as well, The first time everything seemed like a blur, but in the end, I think it was a clever performance on her part, energetic and entertaining.

  • LiQue

    her performance was a joke. she is all bout being artsy and stuff and it looked cheap really cheap… oh and by the way no visible surgery scar they must have done an amazing job on her…. and for someone that just went for an almost hip replacement surgery she recovered in amazing time….