Jeremy Renner’s Missing Dog Has Been Found!


A little while back we heard some bummer news about actor Jeremy Renner’s pet dog Hemi. Back in July Hemi got lost and Renner actually created a Facebook page in hopes of getting the word out about Hemi. And it looks like word got out indeed because we’re now hearing that little Hemi the French bulldog has been found! And he’s now safely back in the arms of his owner. Click inside for more!

People has the deets:

Jeremy Renner has been reunited with his dog Hemi.

The actor, 42, had offered a $5,000 reward after the French bulldog – one of two Renner adopted last year – went missing near his L.A. home on July 19. But an update posted Thursday on the Hemi Missing Frenchie Facebook page reveals that “Hemi is back where he belongs!”

“The story is totally convoluted so we don’t (and will never) know what actually happened, but he was with a family in Visalia, CA (200 miles away),” the post says.

In a follow-up post Friday, Hemi’s family said that they’d received a call from a woman who said her son had found the dog, but didn’t know where he belonged because he had no chip or tag.

“The reunion last night was emotional for all, especially his brother dog Digby,” according to the post. “The two yelped and cried with happiness to see each other.”

Hemi, who was previously on medication for a hip condition, was taken to the vet to be checked out and, more importantly, microchipped. He also got a GPS unit for his collar.

So glad to hear that little Hemi made it home! And it was definitely a smart move to get him hooked up with the GPS unit for his collar. I’m sure Jeremy’s hella relieved to have his little guy home.


  • muchacha

    Microchipping is so important! Glad he’s back home :)

  • Rus

    Every pet should be microchipped and registered.. thats how you get them safely back home most of the time :-)

    Glad pup was found