Kanye West Selects ‘Bound 2′ As His Next Single From ‘Yeezus’


There’s a lot of Kanye West news going around this blog and I’m choosing to ignore all of it right about now. Honestly. I just cannot deal with this… upcoming television interview situation, and how ridiculous it all sounds and feels. So instead, I’m gonna go ahead and focus on the good news. Like this! Kanye has officially chosen the next single from his album Yeezus, and I’m happy to report that it’s the song I’m listening to now, because it’s the song I listen to every morning. All morning, lol. Bound 2 is gonna be the new jam y’all! Click inside for more!

Hypetrak has the deets:

After going with “Black Skinhead” for the first single, Kanye West has chosen one of the fan favorites from Yeezus to follow it up. The second single, “Bound 2,” is not a conventional choice for the radio, but what is conventional about Yeezus? The song has received the most widespread praise out of any track on the album, making it the natural pick to represent the LP.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, then we have nothing in common and cannot be friends until you listen to this and get your life:


You can go to DirectLyrics to check out the lyrics. The whole narrative is very Kanye, if Kanye had gotten into the habit of rapping about relationship drama, lol. I love it! And you can also check out the radio version HERE.

Now I loved the Black Skinhead video, but I’m thinking he’s gonna have to go in a very different direction for Bound 2. And I cannot wait! I’m also wondering if he’ll be rocking this at the MTV VMAs this Sunday. I don’t know how it would translate as a live performance, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Yeezy.

What do you guys think of Bound 2 as the new single? Have you been bumping this as hard as I have?


  • Alecia

    Uncle Charlie!!! I demand a video :).

  • nicole

    he should just release every song as a single. i’d be content with that.

  • dancingdanie

    I totally embarassed my best friend the other day when we walked into Forever 21 (I’m 31 and I feel uncomfortable being in that store) and yelled out : “they ordered champagne but still look thirsty, rocking Forever 21 but just turned 30.” Bahahaha! Best lyrics ever!

    • nicole

      OMG! i’ve did the same thing when i saw this group of ladies and one said “i’m turning 35, are you sure i can pull this off?” so it was only appropriate i bust out the lyric. although..i dont think they got the reference, cause they didnt laugh like i did.
      (and dont feel so bad..im only 25 and feel uncomfortable in that store lol)