First Look: ABC Releases A Dramatic Promo For ‘Revenge’ Season 3!


It’s that time again!!! The other day Trent shared the first new Scandal promo poster for Season 3, and now we get our first look at Season 3 of Revenge! Cannot wait. Seriously. And I’m not sure… but I think… I see ‘Emily’ and Jack making out like cray! What the whaaat?! Peep the video for more!

Shouts-out to PITNBr Kelly for sending this my way!


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  • Seth Leeper

    All I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Randal

    LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched this 20 times. That premiere date is too far away!!! Looks like they’re going back to Season 1 greatness!!!!

  • romesf415

    I can’t wait!!!!!! I’m pumped for the season premiere!!!!

  • Joan

    OMG this was so goooood!

    I was happy when I saw the actor that plays Aiden on some photos from set (they were at the beach)… until I realized they could have been shooting fashbacks or something. So I’m still freaking out. OMG if Daniel killed him I’m going to lose my mind. Anyway, I was thinking about Ashley’s exit from the show. Do you guys think they would kill her? *gasp*

  • Thomas

    I have watched this about a 100 times already. I almost Instagrammed it to you the other day Shannon cause it’s been blowing up my Facebook the last day or two. I CANNOT wait for the premiere, so to celebrate, I went and bought Season 2 on DVD today.

    I have a feeling that it is either a dream sequence or someone who looked like Ems. From what I’ve read, Jack isn’t too happy with her in the premiere…

  • Jessica

    Aiden isnt dead and ashley isnt killed off because she might be brought back late in the season according to one pf the interviews. NOT happy about Jack and Emily in the bar, and keeping in mind that they’ve only shot a few episodes, it happens early in the season…. NOT HAPPY that Aiden isnt in the promo either…Aghh