Watch: Lady Gaga Releases A Music Video For Her New Single ‘Applause’


A few weeks ago Lady Gaga released the cover art for her new single Applause, the first from her upcoming new album ARTPOP. Yesterday we got to see the lyric video for the song and today we get to see the official music video. There appears to be all sorts of “art” going on in this video … which, IMHO, looks like a whole lotta nothing really going on. The focus appears to be on the song itself, which is good actually, but overall, I can’t say that I’m crazy about this video. MTV announced today that Gaga will open the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards this coming weekend with a performance of this song but no word on whether or not she’ll appear on stage as a swan with a human head. Stay tuned. As for the video, what do y’all think? Is this a hit or a miss?

  • LiQue

    two words: Monica Naranjo…. spanish singer who was big in latin america in the late 90s….

  • Joan

    “looks like a whole lotta nothing really going on” – Yeah, I think so as well, but in a way, I appreciated that it is. I mean, this is a simple as Gaga is going to get. I kinda enjoyed the choreography and the overall aesthetic of it. In the end, I think it might have even helped the song a little, actually.

    • @Joan — “this is a simple as Gaga is going to get.”

      excellent point, actually.

  • nicole

    i watched this with no sound…and i was just kind of like… wtf? its just so all over and place that you cant really appreciate the scenes..and when it finally does focus on something…shes a swan with a human head. does nothing for me.

  • Katy

    Lady Gaga….weird is the new normal.

    • Britney’sBitch

      Katy perry? Lurking for the competition? lol

      It’s not a competition…not really

  • blaqfury

    i really just can’t with her anymore… she’s out art-ed me. The song is okay, don’t hate it, don’t love it… ::shrugs::

  • al

    Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are making this too easy for Britney to snatch their wigs. If our girl can’t slay this year I don’t know

    • Britney’sBitch

      I’m already excited for her to make their careers look like one big fail compared to hers

  • Krissy

    I like the song a lot (minus the begining part). The video is ok, but not too exciting. I have to admit the hand bra TOTALLY got me! At first I was like how are they hiding the person behind her…then I realized it was a bra. ;)

  • fmx

    It looks like the daycare room at Madonna’s Girls Gone Wild set. Typical.

  • BMcBride81

    I haven’t seen this caliber of makeup smearing since Courtney Love in the 90’s!

  • Sharon

    This song is just plain awful. When did Lady Gaga decide that being weird was more important than releasing descent music? I swear she’s just making her videos over the top WEIRD now in order to take attention away from the fact that her music is absolute garbage. She showed so much promise as a unique music artist with her first album and even a little with her second album but now she’s forgotten about the music and has just become nothing more than a performing monkey playing up to this whole weird image that she has created for herself.

  • Iris B

    I like the song compared to her first single from the last album. It is pretty much her.

    I wonder how fast will this be in a Glee episode?

  • XadaX

    one big BLAH

  • Lauren xx

    She’s all camp and no culture. She’s trying so hard to be serious but let’s face it, it’s POP. Pop by nature is disposable, and those who don’t evolve with the times ultimately flop. So little pop music and so few pop artists actually stand the test of time.

    Seriously, Gaga, stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.

  • Will

    I like it. But it doesn’t have the same impact as “Bad Romance” or “Paparazzi”.
    Is it a trend letting photographers direct music videos lately?
    Personally I prefer music video directors like Joseph Kahn or even Jonas Arkuland to direct.

  • bosie

    I don’t like the song and the video ISNT helping :( I was looking forward to new music. She thinks she’s the greates singer of all time and it has gone to her head, you can tell. ALSO WHY DOES SHE ONLY SHOW UP AT LGBTQ EVENTS WHEN SHE HAS A NEW RECORD??? as for her “monsters” those jerks are crazy….is over IM OFFICIALLY a non-monster. BYE BYE GAGA

  • rOXy

    Everything she does is a PR ploy. I’m not even believing her latest “feud” with “them”. Even if it is real, it a PR move to distance herself from something that stinks. The fact that she has lately aligned herself so closely with her fans while she wrings their pockets dry is a shrewd, selfish con so she will place somewhere on iTunes charts. Without beating her gullible monsters into a lather, she probably wouldn’t have placed very high. She spouts off about how “every second during her recovery, her thoughts were on her fans”, but during that same recovery, her Twitter was supposedly silent. She only started pouring her love out on them when she needed them to prop up a release that was, by all standards, mediocre at best. Many of her supporters whine and say they don’t care about how strange or weird she is, for them, it’s about the music. Really? After her freshman album, she has done nothing of note. Not this, that is for sure. On a side note, last Sunday she was in LA at the Chateau Marmont doing a meet and greet, and I must say, I loved her pared down look. She should strive for authentic because it’s better than fake artistry any day. At this rate, you won’t be hearing much more from her, and that must be pretty disappointing for those who thought she had the staying power of Madonna.

  • Michael Thiel

    I actually felt the opposite, Trent. I was kind of meh about the song until I saw this video. I think it’s actually really cool in a weird, Gaga/Bowie/”artsy”? way, and it actually enhanced the song for me. And the choreography is pretty sick! Don’t think it’s Gaga’s best song, but definitely her best video IMO since The Fame Monster era. (Wasn’t really a huge fan of any of her BTW videos, and really only loved BTW the single…) Hoping her second single off ARTPOP blows this one away. We’ll see…