Pink Is The New Baby: Check Out The Cutest, Littlest PITNBrs Ever!!!


Warning: The following photos may cause dangerous levels of Baby Fever, and there’s nothing I can do about it! We are officially knee deep in Bump Watches and Virtual Baby Showers all over PITNB, and I’m hear to bombard you with more baby cuteness. Back when I made my big announcement on the blog, PITNBr SD suggested that we make Pink Is The New Baby a thing. I loved the idea and invited readers to send me photos of their brand, spankin’ new bundles of joy. You can imagine how much fun I’ve had opening e-mails with faces of the cutest, littlest PITNBrs ever, and now I get to share them with you guys. Click inside and let’s welcome these adorable babies to the world!!!

It’s Cage!


Birthday: May 31, 2013
PITNBr Parent: Lena
Fun Facts: Cage loves to shadow box with his itty bitty fists, and Lena has dubbed hime a ‘future NFL Hall of Famer and Everly Tatum’s husband.’ His Superman onesie is everything.

It’s Angela!

Birthday: June 18, 2013
PITNBr Parent: Joyce
Fun Facts: Joyce says ‘She’s such a tiny thing now but she’s a huge milk guzzler!‘ I say, it’s all going to the cheeks, and I LOVE it!

It’s Griffin!


Birthday: July 6, 2013
PITNBr Parent: Millie
Fun Facts: Griffin loves to sleep on his mom’s lap while she peruses PITNB, because he is awesome.

It’s Gabriel Duane!


Birthday: June 14, 2013
PITNBr Parent: Theresa
Fun Facts: Gabriel is Theresa’s first baby, and also the first boy out of Theresa’s parents’ 8 grandkids! He also has a protective “older brother” named Iggy, who you can see in the second pic. Please note his ‘work’ clothes in the first pic– I cannot!

It’s Isabel Rose!

Birthday: December 13, 2009
PITNBr Parent: Sabrina
Fun Facts: Sabrina contends that, while Isabel Rose may not be a newborn, she’s still her ‘baby,’ LOL! Sabrina describes her as her ‘diva in training,’ which makes sense because apparently as she took this picture she said, ‘Mom this is my pose!

Look, anyone who catches Baby Fever as a result of these pictures (or the current Virtual Baby Shower, or any other baby news on this blog), and chooses to act on said fever is solely responsible for the birth and life of any future babies. We will however participate in sharing your baby’s face with the world :)

PITNBrs, I loved, loved, loved getting these pictures. Any other readers who want to share their newborn awesomeness with the blog, e-mail me at!!!

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  • blaqfury

    Awee… look at da babies… just a bunch of adorableness! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lena

    OMG!!!! We have the cutest kids ever!!! I just want to eat Griffin up!! Angela’s hair, Gabriel’s shirt, and Isabel’s sass, it is just too much!! This is one of the best post ever Shannon!!!! Can not wait to see more babies!!

  • Sabrina

    Awww omg all of the babies it is just too much!

    My “baby” is cray cray with her “pose” lol.

    @Trent We are going to need you to start working on some babies so you can join the club! :)

    • @Sabrina — “@Trent We are going to need you to start working on some babies so you can join the club! :)”

      hahaha, my baby plans have been delayed considerably, unfortch, so I may just have to snatch one of Shannon’s instead ;)

    • Shannon

      Trent, you know Jovelle is your lil’ man, LOL! But I agree with Sabrina. I still can’t stop thinking about your ‘Pampers Baby.’ You’re gonna need to hop on this train at some point, boo :)

  • manuel nava

    This blog has gone to the babies! I just cant with that little Superman!! Haha. I love that the ad at the bottom of this post says” looking for a babysitter?”

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Darling little babes! Excuse my while I spend the next 3 hours trying to get the perfect photo of my little bubs to submit. ;)

  • Joanna

    Well, my ovaries just went and leapt out of my body and wrapped themselves around my computer screen. Damn you all!

    Ps. cute babies :)

  • Alecia

    I’m loving the baby cuteness. Trying not to catch baby fever right now.

  • Kim

    I already have baby fever! Here’s to hoping it happens soon so I can submit a picture in the future!

  • Natalea

    Well done, PITNBrs! There’s nothing but beautiful genes getting passed along here. These pics almost make me want one. Okay, they do. They make me want a baby. Agh!

    Shannon, can we baby-less mamas send in photos of our cats in lieu of cute baby photos? Minnie Pooh is adorable.

  • Jasmine

    So cute! Is that griffin’s actual birth date an picture? He is pretty big if so and fairly talented at holding his head off the ground at a month old ;)

    • Millie

      Hi Jasmine! I’m Griffin’s mama, and I can confirm the birthdate is correct. He’s my big strong boy! =)

  • Amber

    OMG Baby fever…………
    Mine are 6 & 2.5.
    Someday……….someday………… another one :-D
    But until then, my boyfriend would probably appreciate you not posting these wonderful pictures, lol!!!

  • SD

    omg love this so much!!! Thanks for the shoutout Shannon!