Lindsay Lohan Admits To Being An Addict And Opens Up On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’


I cannot believe that I completely forgot this was airing last night! Ugh! Lindsay Lohan’s highly-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey was on Oprah’s OWN Network, and I’m now gonna have to go see when it’s coming on again because I really want to watch. It sounds like Lindsay actually gave some legitimately honest answers to some difficult questions, going so far as to admit to being an addict. In case you missed it, or just want a recap, click inside for some excerpts from Lindsay’s first post-rehab interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

LiLo took to Instagram to share this beautiful picture of her with Oprah:


According to E! when Oprah asked Lindsay–straight up– if she was an addict, Lindsay simply replied ‘yeah,’ and then went on to describe alcohol as a gateway to other drugs like cocaine. Here are a few more excerpts from the interview, pulled by Pop Sugar:

On her first DUI and going to jail:

“You would think in that situation, someone would be like ‘Holy sh*t, I need to check myself. It’s the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again. At that point, I somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail, just to find some peace and have no choice but to just sit and be. I don’t think the embarrassment was as prominent as the shame and the guilt.”

On her most recent rehab stint:

“I think I just hit a wall. I said [to my attorney, Shawn Holley], ‘I think the best option is for me to go to treatment, and just take these three months to really just take care of myself, and find myself.”

On what rehab means to her:

“I think in the past I’ve never really surrendered to the fact I just need to shut up and listen. In this [most recent] case, I wasn’t fighting at all; I just let go. I came into it really willing, and really craving more spirituality.”

On her addiction and drug of choice:

“Alcohol. It was a gateway to other things for me. I’ve done [cocaine] like 10-15 times. I think that’s why I did it, because it allowed me to drink more. I snorted it; I’ve never injected anything other than getting B12 shots.”

On her upbringing:

“A lot of stuff went on when I was young with my family, and I grew up in a very chaotic home. It’s something that a lot of people go through and unfortunately, I waited too long to face it. Nobody’s perfect; I love my parents but I’m not going to say that there aren’t certain situations I would have preferred to be handled differently — and I don’t blame anyone for my mistakes. I did that, and I’m not proud of it.”

On her lack of guidance:

“When I moved to LA after filming Mean Girls, I was 17 or 18. I was around people so I wasn’t lonely, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to people being around for the wrong reasons. I was making too much. I wasted so much money; I was living at a hotel, and I had an apartment. I wasn’t really being guided. I didn’t think about it, and I didn’t listen to my family when they told me, ‘Come back to New York.'”

On her career:

“I have to regain the trust of people in my career. I’m my own worst enemy, and I know that. I have such a desire to want to keep this feeling and stay this way, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I really want to be on set. That feeds me. Staying present and clear-headed and focused is the most important thing for me.”

On what she’s learned:

“Just learning how to ground myself; I don’t need to go to outside things or places or substances to feel anything. It’s all here. I’ve been blessed and so lucky to have a gift to share with other people, and for so long I’ve kept that locked down by creating this whirlwind of garbage around myself. I’ve always known things about myself; I’ve just chosen to not recognize them and not act on them. I’ve always been aware of my faults. . . I’ve lived so many lives in one lifetime at this point, and it’s not interesting to me anymore.”

Now I haven’t followed all of Lindsay’s ups and downs as closely as many of you have, but all of this sounds very promising. I don’t hear someone who’s unwilling to accept responsibility, or looking for someone else to blame; it really sounds like she’s willing to admit that she is her own worst enemy, and that she is responsible for changing that.

My favorite part of the interview is when she says she never wanted to admit that she just needed to shut up and listen… LOL. Oh man, I can kinda relate to that. I hope we hear more of this version of Lindsay, because it sounds good to me.

Did any of y’all watch the interview last night? What did you think?


  • Lori

    do u really believe she’s only done cocaine 10-15 times?


  • ella

    I watched it and it looked to me like she’s been working really hard. She seemed honest and genuine to me.

    I just worry about her family. The only time I felt she wasn’t being honest was when Oprah asked her certain questions about her parents. Maybe she just wants to keep her parents’ business private out of respect and she’s being more honest with herself in private. But I just really hope those two don’t drag her back down.

    • Shannon m.

      I was going to say the exact same thing – I felt like she was being dishonest about her family. Oprah brought up when she made that call to her dad and said her mom was high. Lindsay said that she had lied about that. Now, I don’t know whether or not she did.. but Dina deffo has problems and both of her parents have TOTALLY exploited her, despite the fact Lindsay feels they didn’t. I do commend her for the “nobody’s perfect” reply she gave; however, it should have been “nobody’s perfect.. and yes they’ve definitely made some mistakes” rather than saying they were innocent of that.

  • I may sound like a hater here but I can only express my honest and personal opinions always … I saw this interview and was not impressed IN THE SLIGHTEST. I never truly believed that Lindsay genuinely owned up to anything. I would bet massive amounts of money that she was lying about her cocaine use — 10 to 15 times total in her life? No way. I could tell early on that she was giving the same kinds of, IMHO, bullshizz answers (ie. the right ones) that she’s been giving in interviews for years. Based on this interview alone, I’m sorry to say, I do not believe that she is truly serious about cleaning up her act. I hope I’m wrong but the only think I kept thinking thruout this interview was how I’d heard it all before.

    • Monicaaa

      I tend to agree Trent. I really tried to watch the whole interview with an open mind but I just felt like it was all a bit too choreographed. I think she said everything Oprah wanted to hear basically. The part about her parents not exploiting her was the worst and was clearly a lie.

      I feel like Lindsay isn’t getting to the root of her problem – which is this job that she has. She’s still looking for validation from Hollywood rather than to herself. I believe she might not be cut out for this industry and I am also one who doesn’t think her acting talent is all that special. The fact that she kept saying she needed to be on set made me think she still hasn’t learned anything.

      I hope I’m wrong but all I can think of is Oprah’s interview with Whitney where she said all the same things Lindsay did last night and we know how that ended up.

    • @Monicaaa — “all I can think of is Oprah’s interview with Whitney where she said all the same things Lindsay did last night and we know how that ended up.”

      Yes, exactly :/

    • Jstar

      I could not agree with you more…everything you said. ditto.

    • Shannon

      Trent, you def know her story better than me and I also didn’t watch it. The number of times she actually did cocaine– yeah, I agree. That sounds like crap. But I thought it was a big deal that she even admitted to being an addict. Has she done that before?

    • @Shannon — “I thought it was a big deal that she even admitted to being an addict. Has she done that before?”

      I don’t know that she has admitted to being an “addict” per se but she has “owned up” to some bad behavior but in terms of it wasn’t her fault, blah blah blah. Again, I want to believe this time will be different but I’ve yet to see a change. Her interview last night looked like more of the same to me.

  • blaqfury

    I missed this too (went to see the Butler… highly recommend) I wanna just wish the best for her… whatever her demons, I hope she’s getting past them. She’s gotta be tired of this back and forth… I know i’m tired of hearing about her back and forth…lol!

  • Megan

    ‘I’ve never injected anything other than getting B12 shots.”.

    Those LIPS lie…