HELLO! Alexander Skarsgård Shows Off His PEEN In The Season 6 Finale Episode Of ‘True Blood’


Full Disclosure: I stopped watching True Blood on HBO sometime after season 3 and honestly cannot speak about the show with any real authority in regards to storyline, plot developments and overall story arc. Thankfully the meat of this post (pardon the pun) has nothing at all to do with the storyline, plot developments and/or overall story arc of True Blood … it has to do with Alexander Skarsgård’s penis. Actually, it really has to do with True Blood character Eric Northman’s penis but since Skarsgård portrays Northman on the show and he showed off his penis as Northman’s, well, there you have it. Last night, HBO aired the season 6 finale episode of True Blood and I don’t know a single thing that happened in the episode except that Alexander Skarsgård went full frontal and showed off his penis for the first time ever on the show. Really, isn’t that all the information that you need to know? Click below to see what all the fuss is about.

As I understand it, Skarsgård’s character (Eric Northman) was leisurely reading a book while completely nekkid in the Arctic under the full, shining sun and the Fairy blood that was keeping him from burning up from the sun’s rays wore off … or something like that. He started to burst into flames, causing him to stand up and VOILA — peen reveal (the episode ended without letting the audience know if he died or not but all of that is really beside the point). Click the PITNB star in the image above to see the uncensored image and get a gander of Skarsgård’s penis, if you’re into that sort of thing. I gotta say, personally, that if this was the kind of usual entertainment fare that was shown on True Blood on a regular basis, I’d prolly watch more.

And so I ask you, Lookie Loos, what do you think of what Skarsgård has to offer?


  • Linnéa

    I don’t know how i got in here.. I think my va-jay-jay brought me here..

  • Jess

    • Joan

      @Trent – If the Skarsgård peen didn’t kill me, your comment did. LMAO!

  • blaqfury

    As someone who is still current with the series, please let me inform you that was the only highlight of the entire whack season finale.

  • Tamara Smith

    I have to say, after suffering through this show for the past several years where the writers did everything they could not to use the book ideas or the core actors with any great degree, that this season was one of the best thus far. Yeah, the finale was almost like one of those dream sequences where you’re waiting for someone to pop up and yell; “got ya!” but other than that I enjoyed most of the season. And for the record, I don’t believe that Eric is dead. Pam went looking for him and there’s no way she’d let that happen. Kind of looking forward to next year – something I haven’t said about this show in years.

  • Emily Lange

    by far the best show on tv.

    its kitsch, fun, and is the perfect mix of sex, violence, and romance. and best season so far!

    i love that that books are totally different so that I can read AND watch the show and not get any spoilers! :)

    oh and love that we get some peen after sookie’s boobs every other episode!

  • LukeBoston

    Hasn’t been as good as seasons 1 and 2, but this season was great improvement over the dreck that was the last couple of seasons.

  • Samantha

    This season sucked so much. We deserved some peen.