Frances Bean Cobain Celebrates Her 21st Birthday With 25 Friends


Frances Bean Cobain, the only begotten daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and the still alive-and-kicking Courtney Love, celebrated her birthday yesterday … she turned 21. Um, when did Kurt’s baby turn into a full grown adult? OVERNIGHT! That’s when! Frances, who isn’t a prolific tweeter, posted a few messages on her official Twitter profile last night about her birthday celebration and it sounds like she had a blast with her close “Scooby Gang” of friends. Click below to find out how Frances Bean celebrated the big 2-1.

I can’t be sure but I don’t think Frances celebrated with her mother Courtney Love yesterday. Courtney posted a couple of birthday tweets to Bean but those messages have since been deleted. The pair have had a contentious life together (to say the least) in recent years and I assume they’re civil but I doubt that they are friendly. Nonetheless, Frances Bean is an adult woman now and her life is her own. I cannot believe that she is 21 years old but, hey, we’re all getting old, I guess. Let’s send all of our belated Birthday Lurve to Frances today. She’s 21. Wow.