First Look/Listen: Prince Reveals Hilarious Dave Chappelle- Inspired Cover Art For His New Single


If you are anything like me (or PITNBr Alecia), every time Prince does anything, you think of Dave Chappelle. Since walking away from his hit sketch comedy series Chappelle’s Show and the $50 bajillion contract that came with, Dave Chappelle has been deemed a recluse, popping up here and there for the occasional live performance. But many of us will never, ever forget the amazingness that was his show, and the True Hollywood stories he used to do with Eddie Murphy’s big brother Charlie Murphy. Apparently, Prince hasn’t forgotten any of that awesomeness either. And now that he’s discovered and embraced Twitter (and, perhaps the internet as a whole) he’s sharing the hilariously appropriate cover art for his new single, Breakfast Can Wait. Chappelle fans will totally get the pancake reference, LOL. Click inside for more and listen to a snippet of the new track, above! It’s on friggen YouTube!

Remember Chappelle:

Chappelle’s Show
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Hypetrak has the deets, and here’s the official cover art:


After beginning to use Twitter by using the account of his group 3rd Eye Girl earlier this week, Prince is causing more headlines by unveiling the hilarious cover for his single, “Breakfast Can Wait.” The artwork features Dave Chappelle and was inspired by Chappelle’s impersonation of Prince on his sketch comedy show. In addition, Prince unveiled a brief excerpt of the song, which is also available on his website.

This is so, so perfect. I mean, I didn’t grow up on Prince so I know that this particular move is a great way to appeal to a new set of fans. I love the sound of the song and cannot wait to hear more! Somehow, we’ve gotta get Dave and Prince (and maybe Charlie Murphy) in the studio for some kind of remix…


  • Alecia

    I haven’t heard the song but I think I will based on that genius cover alone.
    My mom listened to Prince since before I was born, so I’m a legacy fan.
    Last but not least, can I ask for a Chappelle’s Show Throwback Thursday with extra sprinkles and sauce?

  • buzzerme

    Prince is part of my early adulthood (I shouldn’t even be on this site), and he is a genius. This kind of move doesn’t surprise me as he knows he can pretty much do what he wants, as his music always comes through brilliantly. He doesn’t ever have to make excuses. Go Prince (although this oddly doesn’t look so much like him, more like Chris Rock in a slim version of a fat mama film).

  • blaqfury

    Who is this person and what has he done with Prince??! Twitter… YouTube? These are Price’s mortal enemies… Well i’m glad he’s finally come to terms that the internet is not a fad! I like the song, but there is rarely anything I don’t like that Prince puts out…

    love the cover.. gonna have to pull out my Chapelle Show Seasons 1 & 2dvds

  • Krissy

    Soooo funny! The Chappelle show was so brilliant, and it makes me think a lot of Prince that he can see the genius! Also shows he has a sense of humor too, which sometimes i doubted. ;) Prince is so freaking talented that he doesn’t exactly NEED a sense of humor, but it makes me happy for him that he has one!