First Listen: Nine Inch Nails Releases A New Single Titled ‘Everything’


Nine Inch Nails will formally release the new single Everything tomorrow but we get to hear the song in full today … right here, right now. The track is the latest from the forthcoming new album Hesitation Marks, due out next month, and as you can hear in the embed above … it’s quite a departure from the music Nine Inch Nails has released in the past. Everything is a happy song … it’s a happy, upbeat and extremely positive song … which, I have to admit, is quite shocking for me. I like the song but it’s going to take me minute to wrap my head around the reality of such a different offering from NIN. The lyrics are very telling and quite confessional for Trent Reznor … it’s not a song I expected to hear from this new era of music. Give the song a listen above and see what you think. I’m very curious to hear your comments below.

  • shadowcatt

    I think my ears are bleeding – and not in the good way that usually comes to listening to NIN… (j/k)

    It’s not a bad song, but like you said, it’s definintely not something that most fans are going to expect. I suspect much hate to be given by the internet for this one.

  • BMcBride81

    I’m holding judgement until I hear the song in the context of the entire album. In all reality though, Trent (Reznor) could put out an album of nothing but him farting and I’d buy it.

  • mandylala

    hmmm…I keep listening to it and I think it’s growing on me. Or, am I just trying to convince myself it’s growing on me? I dunno, I’m confused.

  • krtmom64

    Quite a different beat. Not typical NIN. Don’t really know how I feel about it.

  • notreadyforthischange

    I agree with BMcBride81 on waiting to hear it in the context of the entire album…. but for now… this happy song makes me feel sad.

    Still can’t wait for the new album/concerts though! :)

  • notreadyforthischange

    I’ve thought about this again.

    I feel like it should be the “secret” track at the end of the album after a bunch of silence. haha

  • Jessica

    As a long time fan of NIN, I really kind of dig this new song. I mean yeah, it’s different, but Trent seems happy which is nice. I like it.