David Beckham Poses For New ‘David Beckham Bodywear’ Promo Photos


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! David Beckham is about to release a new batch of promo photos for his H&M clothing line David Beckham Bodywear to promote the upcoming Fall/Winter collection and today we get our FIRST LOOK at Becks on set posing for new photos in his undies. As you should be well aware, the release of new David Beckham underwear photos is cause for great celebration around these here parts — and new photos are coming! But they’re not here just yet. For now, we have to content ourselves with behind the scenes teaser photos from the shoot so … what are you waiting for, check out these teaser photos below, WON’T YOU?!

We are no stranger to David Beckham in his underwear. He has filled Armani’s undies and he has moved on to being the bulge for H&M. The retail house hasn’t shared the full Beckham underwear ads yet, but they did post a slew of sneak peaks that show the behind the scenes view of his shoot. The Fall 2013 campaign will be ready in just a few days. The retiring soccer player is sporting the Bodywear Collection, which gives a nod to heritage sportswear. David is 38 and still rocking that body we enjoy feasting our eyes on. He was thrilled to be working with H&M and said, “I love the heritage athletic style of the new pieces in my Bodywear collection at H&M. The vests, pajama pants and raglan sleeve tops are already like wardrobe favorites for me that I know I’ll wear all season long. It was great to shoot them in an old-fashioned East End changing room. It was like I had gone right back to my roots.” You can catch the full official ads on Aug. 22.

August 22 is now circled in BIG RED MARKER on my calendar so … come Thursday, it’s gonna be a good day. I have to admit, tho, that these teaser photos are hawt enough to tide me over until then. I mean, right? Becks looks goooood in these photos, I have to say. I cannot WAIT to see the full set of promo photos when they are released on AUGUST 22!