Beyoncé Shares New Tumblr Photos, Dares You To Hate On Her New Hairstyle


Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I am, in fact, crazy in love with Beyoncé‘s new hairstyle. There’s no way around it– she is just werkin’ the hell outta this bob! And today, as if to prove my point, Bey has added new photos to her Tumblr and Instagram pages, and the look in her eyes says it all. She’s lit’rally daring anybody to hate on her new short, amazing hair. There’s def no hate over here; it’s alll love. She looks great y’all! Peep the gallery for more!


  • nicole

    i dont mind the bob…but the colour..its just too light.

    • blaqfury

      I was gonna say the same exact thing… i really like the bob, but her blonde is just too light… so it’s not as fierce as it could be… but what is correct in that cover photo is her dress!

  • hobob23

    Is Beyonce really rocking the Rachel?

  • Mary

    she looks like rihanna and katy perry had a baby