Photos From Madonna’s Fabulous 55th Birthday Party In Nice, France Hit The Internets


Madonna celebrated her 55th birthday on August 16 and while many folks around the world were sending her best wishes and Birthday Lurve all day long that day, she and her friends were bizzy partying the night away overseas. As you may recall, we learned early last week that Madge and her family are in France right now since that’s where they celebrated her eldest son Rocco John’s birthday last week. Today we get to see a LOT of really great photos from Maddy’s birthday party with friends. As you can see below, Madonna’s 55th birthday party had a French Victorian theme and it looks like a LOT of fun was had by all. Check out the photos and see for yourselves.

Perhaps we had too much Cale! But at my Birthday Party all I could see was LOVE’ / Perhaps I had too much Champagne! I meant to write CAKE!

These photos made their way online via various Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles of the party attendees … including Madonna herself. You knew that Madonna was going to celebrate her birthday in style but it’s always neat, I think, to see her really indulge in this way. This party looked fabulous, Madonna and her guests (including little Lourdes Maria who is no longer little anymore) looked fabulous … Maddy really knows how to celebrate in style. LOVE IT!!


  • Deb Hodgon

    Elton John had a birthday party much the same a few years back. I wonder if he’ll call her out for being a copy-cat. lol