‘I Think My Uterus Is Glowing,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


I’m not gonna lie y’all. This past week has been a bit of a blur to me. I am knee deep in boxes and packing tape, and suddenly remembering why moving/packing is just the worst… even with Kanye’s Yeezus playing in the background. We are literally moving down the street and I’m still exhausted; however, I am insanely excited about having more space and I cannot wait to frame and hang up some Marion Cotillard posters… LMAO. You think I’m kidding but I have pictures from her W Magazine spread that are gonna look so SICK in my new bedroom! But amidst all of the packing I’ve also had a blast reading everyone’s comments on Beyoncé‘s new weave, Justin’s nekkid body + guitar, and all the other madness that’s been going on in the pop culture world. Click inside for just a few of my favorite PITNBr comments of the week!

PITNBr Caitlin is probably pregnant right now, thanks in part (or in full) to my baby registries. I’m sorry/CONGRATULATIONS:

Am now going crazy looking at baby things. It’s even worse on the internet than in stores! I think my uterus is glowing, so glad my boyfriend isn’t over tonight…

PITNBr Alecia lost her mind a little bit when Trent reported that Ashanti and Ja Rule were back in the studio together:

This is great! May I also ask for a Murder Inc Throwback Thursday, Shannon, pretty please with sprinkles?

Well, since you asked with sprinkles, I think we can arrange that ;)

PITNBr Kiki1976 was one of many people who had a brilliant response to those nekkid photos of Justin Bieber:

Step one: Cut a hole in the guitar…

PITNBr BGLU Tia had a devastatingly hilarious reaction to new photos of Selena Gomez on the red carpet:

*Looks at pictures then cries tears of jealousy into the cereal bowl, while looking for Insanity DVDs and bag of MAC samples*

PITNBr Alecia had us all cracking up with this comment on Beyoncé’s new weave, which made a triumphant return this week:

Beyonce is Rachel and the weave is Ross. They were on a break. But like Phoebe, said- they’re lobsters. Ain’t no breaking that up!

PITNBr Christine Rose Infanger also weighed in on Bey’s weave, and brought up an EXCELLENT point:

Her hair color is too close to her skin color, that never works out well. Did she learn NOTHING from ‘Showgirls?’

PITNBr James joined in on an interesting discussion about Miley Cyrus and whether or not she’s been appropriating (or misappropriating) black culture. Not everyone agreed, but some interesting points were definitely made:

I’m not concerned with her being too wild or out of control, I’m concerned about cultural appropriation and ignorance. She’s been saying things like “I want my music to sound black” and comparing herself to Lil Kim. She has a distorted view of black culture and is dressing herself up in it for the purpose of being “edgy” without having any understanding of what it means or has meant to be black in America. To me this is what people reminding her of her race are saying, just as it was pointed out that Selena Gomez is not Hindu when she wore a bindi. Calling them “bitch” as a response means that she doesn’t care, which is a damn shame. I don’t think she is handling herself well and I think she needs to check her privilege before she says that her ignorant interpretation of black “rap” “twerking” “trap” “turnt up” “pop a Molly” culture offends anyone else. It’s not cute or exciting, it’s obnoxious.

PITNBR lost in here was just as confused as I was when we saw those pics of Jay Z hanging out with Justin Bieber:

Obviously Jay Z was intoxicated. That’s is what I am telling myself. Its like a senior hanging with a freshman, it just shouldn’t happen.

PITNBr Natalea and I are in total agreement about Willy Cartier, who just posed nude if only to prove that he is still insanely, ridiculously hot:


Okay, so here’s the deal. I LOST my mind yesterday because I went to check on my Target and Babies R Us registries and saw that SOME PEOPLE have already bought stuff????!?!?!?!?!? You guys are INSANE! I don’t know who bought what, but all of my friends were straight up like ‘No, I didn’t get you anything yet,’ so I KNOW it was one of you, and I am so effing psyched! I was thrilled to post the registry info, but also totally prepared to not actually get anything in the mail, LOL. So I just wanna say a preemptive THANK YOU to whoever hooked it up (especially the person who bought the Lanolin nipple cream… BWAHAHAHAHA, I love you so hard); can’t wait to share pictures and shouts-out on the official PITNB Virtual Baby Shower post!!!

Tonight, you better believe I’ll STILL be packing and feeling very guilty about watching all the ridiculous 16 & Pregnant crap on MTV in preparation for tomorrow’s season premiere of Teen Mom, which I will also be watching through a cloud of guilt. Nobody call me!!!

  • Alecia

    Thanks Shannon for not one but two shout outs! This is definitely a sign next week will be MUUURRDER!

    • Vicky

      I got out my old laptop the other day to get some stuff off of it and my iTunes on there is killer. So many good songs I have forgot about. Put It On Me and I’m Real for starters.