Willy Cartier, Frank Ocean’s Reported Ex-Boyfriend, Gets Nekkid For A New Coffee Table Book


Back in November of last year we first “met” Willy Cartier, the man that Frank Ocean was reportedly dating (Frank never officially confirmed the relationship but it seemed pretty likely that the pair were a couple). Back in January of this year, Shannon reminded us all of just hot unnecessarily hot Mr. Cartier is … even tho he and Frank supposedly broke up. Today, we get to check out a new photo of Willy that will be featured in an upcoming coffee table book and LORD HAVE MERCY, is it a photo you need to see. Photographer Leonardo Corredor shared the photo on his official Instagram profile but you can see it for yourselves below … BE PREPARED, Y’ALL, THERE’S A WHOLE LOTTA HAWT COMING YOUR WAY!

No need to say much. Top model @willycartier for #coffeetablebookproject #leocphoto

Wow. I’m not sure what went down between Frank and Willy that caused the break up but I’m thinkin’ Mr. Ocean needs to rethink things … immediately. This is an insanely hot photograph of Cartier that, I’m sure, will inspire a great many folks to buy this particular coffee table book. I mean, right? If you could describe this photo in one word, what would it be?


  • Shannon

    OOOOoooooooo. Shizz.

  • somuchcloser

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Jay See

    V for Vendetta

  • Natalea


  • Randall the Vandal


  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Who says he is naked?.I live in Miami Bech and on any day of the week I see guys showing more and with better bodies.I guess he is naked in amish country but not anywhere else.Just like women’s boobs.Oh,pleeeeeease?.In here from small to humongous to bulbuos are the “fare du jour”.YAHN.

    • Kinkery Fawkery

      He’s perfect-not too big, thin or muscly. If you want anything larger or smaller-that is entering person kink territory.