Blake Lively Is Gucci’s Golden Girl On The Cover Of ‘Elle’ China


It’s been a little while since we had some Blake Lively news and I know PITNBr James has to be psyched right now. Blake has long-since been one of my favorite fashionistas and I was really thrilled to see that she was rocking a new Elle Magazine cover. A little while back the actress became the new face of Gucci’s Premiere fragrance, and she looks absolutely stunning in this Gucci gown on this cover. Click inside for a better look!

Blake Lively For Elle China:


GAAAahhhhh! This chick! All that gold?! I love it. Elle China really did the damn thing with this cover and I cannot wait to see the rest of the spread.

What do you guys think? Is Blake looking flawless, or what?

  • James

    You’re right Shannon, I love it! The dress is a little over the top but she more than pulls it off. Interestingly enough Kate Upton wears the same Gucci dress for her Elle spread. Both beautiful women but I think Blake looks better. But it’s not really a fair competition because Blake Lively is perfect. And not even Kate Upton can beat perfect. And thanks for the shout out Shannon! I feel really famous right now. I hope I won’t have to deal with paparazzi when I go to Starbucks tomorrow. Ugh the drama.