Watch: ‘Mean Girls 2: The Reunion’ Is The Best Movie We’ll Never Get To See


An industrious fan of Mean Girls put together a movie trailer for a fictional movie sequel that WOULD BE SOOOOO AMAZING IF IT WERE REAL BUT BECAUSE IT’S NOT REAL WILL CAUSE US TO WEEP TEARS OF DISAPPOINTMENT INSTEAD. I can’t even really explain how brilliant this fictional movie trailer is so I’ll just let y’all watch it above and let y’all process how EFFING AWESOME it would be if the movie were actually real. Sigh. Click the embed above to watch the trailer for Mean Girls 2: The Reunion and try not to fall in love … then, get mega depressed at the reality that a sequel like this will never come to be :(

  • KyleR

    Can you imagine if this came true?! Lindsay’s dying for a come back too, right? Maybe she needs to revisit Mean Girls to give her career a little boost and remind people she was once a real actress.

  • Luna

    LOL @ Tina Fey opening her top !!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Alicia Mayo-White


  • EAW

    Ah so clever! I loved that they used Rachel McAdams clips from the Hot Chick too, totally underrated funny movie

  • tinesha

    I love you to?

  • movieraterlol

    uhhh i wish it was real! it would be a total sucess anyway!

  • Scarlett

    Could someone tell me the songs used I’m this trailer please?