Teresa & Joe Guidice Attempt To Plea Bargain Their Way Out Of Jail, Get DENIED


Late last month we learned that Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Guidice got themselves indicted by the federal government for defrauding the IRS and today we learn that things have gotten seriously, serious with their case. The Guidices reportedly attempted to work out a plea bargain deal with the feds in order to avoid going to jail … unfortunately for the reality TV couple, their attempt at striking a deal has been denied. It’s possible that a new deal could be agreed upon but it sounds to me that the federal government isn’t going to go for any plea bargain that does NOT involve at least some jail time. Yikes.

It looks like Teresa Giudice’s worst nightmare is becoming a reality. Teresa’s attempt to reach a plea deal for no jail time with the feds was rejected. The 41-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband, Joe Giudice, 43, were both handed a trial date on Aug. 14 to appear in court on Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. to face their recent charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and tax evasion, among others. Despite the couple both pleading not guilty to their accused crimes, a source close to the case claims that Teresa attempted to make a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney’s office. Unfortunately for the reality star, the deal was apparently rejected! “They were originally going to plea down for Teresa, but the U.S. Attorney’s office said no,” says an insider close to the case. Teresa’s attorney, Henry Klingeman, said, “I’m not discussing it. If there ever were a deal, I would never discuss any conversations with the government about any client.” However, a second source says that a plea deal was definitely discussed by Teresa: “I have never seen any kind of case where that hasn’t happened. And discussion about a plea deal took place here.” Both Teresa and Joe will face up to 50 years in prison if found guilty, with the possibility of Joe’s deportation.

50 damn years behind bars. Dang. Honestly, I don’t think that the one or both of the Guidices will get locked up for 50 years if they are convicted but the federal government doesn’t play around. Murders and rapists get off all the time … folks who defraud the IRS rarely do … and when they are punished, they get their asses thrown in jail. Celebrities who break all kinds of laws oftentimes get special treatment like “probation” … celebrities who defraud the IRS go to jail. Period. If this plea bargain deal was attempted, then it sounds to me like the Guidices are well aware of the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into. I cannot WAIT to see how this crazy shizz plays out on the next season of RHONJ. Who knows, by the time the next season of the show hits the air, we may know whether or not Teresa and/or Joe is going to jail. Sometimes life is crazier than reality TV can ever be.


  • Tony

    “with the possibility of Joe’s deportation.”… is he not a US Citizen!?

    • Hannah

      I read he has a green card only.

    • Hannah

      I know because of a family member that the rule is a federal crime that results in longer than a years jail time gets you deported (after you have finished serving).

  • Megan

    The IRS has made quite a reputation for their treatment of people who try to defraud them, I’m amazed wealthy people continue to try. But, they think they’re above the law in most situations so I guess I can see it.