Beyoncé Spotted Rocking Her New Hair Weave In Miami

She's Baaaack!

As we know, a whoooole lotta drama popped off when Beyoncé debuted a new, short pixie haircut a little while back. Folks everywhere were shocked to see the Queen Bey sans weave or wig or tracks of some sort, and it was just madness all around. Her hair stylist came out and made a statement (and also claimed that Bey did, in fact, cut off her actual hair– she didn’t just take off her wig), then her actual [former] hair came out and made a statement, and we also had to look back at some of her best video weaves just to cope with it all… LMAO. Anyway, as many of us suspected the pixie cut was short-lived and Bey has already been spotted rocking some new weave in Miami. Is this a weave or a series of tracks? Or a wig? I don’t know, but… you know. Hair that she bought. Peep the gallery for more! Are you into the bob? Personally, I think the whole look is very Solange Knowles, lol. Oh, and look at Blue Ivy‘s feet! Cuteness!

P.S. Also, looove Bey‘s shirt.

[Photo Credit: Splash]

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  1. Commented on this photo:

    “Damn girl, you couldn’t even last two weeks with short hair. SMH at you!”
    I can’t, I am dying with this face and snorted coffee out my nose. It’s so gross but so funny.

  2. Alecia

    Beyonce is Rachel and the weave is Ross. They were on a break. But like Phoebe, said- they’re lobsters. Ain’t no breaking that up!

  3. at a quick glance scrolling down…i kind of thought that was Tori Spelling :s

  4. Umm…. yeah, I don’t like it. But then, everything she does irritates me. I think it’s because everyone else seems to kiss her ass, it just makes me dislike her.

    • I’m so conflicted. I want to thumbs up this because I agree with every. single. thing. you said. But I want to thumbs down it because I hate to give positive attention to things that mention Beyonce and fuel any and all proverbial fires. Rock~me~hard place. *shrugs*

  5. Her hair color is too close to her skin color, that never works out well. Did she learn NOTHING from ‘Showgirls?’

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