Laura Prepon May Be Leaving ‘Orange Is The New Black,’ And Everyone Is Freaking Out


A couple of weeks ago my BFF from Boston came for a long-overdue visit, and after she fawned over my babies and my baby bump, and I drooled all over her wedding photo album, she was all like ‘We have to watch Orange Is The New Black.’ And I was all like, ‘Okay, Karen.’ And every night we watched OITNB until we couldn’t take it no more. I finally finished the first season the other night (after Trent blogged about it and got me all hyped for the finale) and I really had a blast. The show is, IMO, far from perfect but it’s ultimately very entertaining and– like most people– I absolutely adore the supporting cast. Also have developed some light-to-heavy more-than-friends-ish feelings for Alex, played by actress Laura Prepon. Which is my I lost my shizz yesterday when I heard that she was leaving the show! But I wasn’t alone. Click inside to check out the deets, and to read some hilarious reactions from OITNB fans the world over.

So here’s what Buzzfeed reported yesterday:

Laura Prepon has gotten fantastic reviews for her portrayal of Alex in Orange Is the New Black — but she will not be a series regular in Season 2, according to sources close to the show.

Prepon will come back for a limited number of episodes in the show’s 13-episode second season in order to resolve her story. And the door will be left often for her to return in the future. But the actress did not sign a contract tying her to the show for the upcoming season.

Fans will likely be disappointed not to see a years-long arc play out between Alex and Piper (Taylor Schilling); their troubled past relationship resulted in Piper’s imprisonment, the main plot of the show. And their (sexual) dynamic, given the fraught circumstances, has been one of the first season’s most thrilling threads.

However, let’s not all freak out too hard. A Netflix spokesperson commented a little later and said the following about the Buzzfeed report:

It’s not accurate. Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed.

Hmmm. Yeah, no. We’re all freaking out over here. In fact, here are some of my favorite comments from the Buzzfeed post:



I officially hate everything.


I bet Scientology made her do it. UGH!


This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard.


Well this just proves there is no God.


Actually, I think this proves there is in fact a god… and he hates us


Well, the people have spoken. If Laura Prepon actually leaves OITNB it will either prove once and for all that there is no God, or that there absolutely is a God and that he’s… uh… just not that into us. LMAO.

I honestly, really hope this report proves to be false. Like I said, the supporting cast is everything on this show and I don’t want any of them to leave! Ever!

In the meantime, I just found the original New York Times article that the real Larry wrote about the real Piper back in 2010. Check it out HERE! And share your angry Alex-related thoughts in the comments! Are you done with OITNB (and maybe God) if this report turns out to be true???


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  • Devonte Antonio

    If she takes them eyebrows and that hair color with her, I’m all for it. Her voice can stay…I’m oddly into the voice.

  • Hannah

    I liked her character, but I feel in some ways I think her story is more “done” than the others so if she does leave it wouldn’t be awful.

    I want to see more of Suzannes back story or the nuns (bad with remembering names). Loved the show, but the supporting cast members were so much more interesting than Piper and her triangle.

  • BGLU Tia

    I have confusing feelings for Daya. So Alex possibly leaving gets an indifferent “Kanye shrug” from me.

  • Gretchyn

    Hey, thanks for the link to Larry’s original piece.

  • Angela T

    I was a little upset, but if she leaves she could always be like Tastee