Aw Shizz: Justin Bieber Spotted On A Lunch Date With Model Ashley Moore


Every time we see Selena Gomez somewhere looking flawless (kinda like she was at the Teen Choice Awards), there’s always someone who says something to the effect of ‘Sooo… why is she with you-know-who???‘ LOL. Well, we may not be asking that question any longer y’all. Selena’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber was spotted picking up a young, fly little model named Ashley Moore for lunch the other day. Awww shizz! You know what this means, right? 1.) We have to Instagram-stalk Ashley real quick (I already hooked you up in the gallery) and 2.) I honestly don’t know what else this means, other than that we’re gonna IG-stalk her. Who knows what’s really going on with kids? LOL… but click inside for more!

E! has the deets:

It looks like Justin Bieber has a new lunch buddy.

The young pop singer was spotted picking up model Ashley Moore in his new Ferrari to dine at French restaurant Bouchon in Beverly Hills earlier today, before stopping to give a homeless woman some change on the street.

How sweet.

According to an interview, the North Carolina native enjoys “surfing and I love the beach. I go to the beach a lot, or I like to write. I’ll go to the UCLA gym from time to time to just play [basketball] but modeling keeps me pretty busy.”

Moore reportedly met Biebs through his buddy Lil Twist in the beginning of the year, and even spent the Fourth of July with the singer. However, Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez, was also said to be at the same Fourth of July party, according to an Instagram video posted by Bieber BFF Alfredo Flores.

Well, I guess all the Beliebers can leave Ariana Grande alone for a little while. She was the last chic rumored to possibly, maybe, be doing something with Bieber, but now we’ve got Ashley Moore in the picture.

Anyway, Ashley is pretty adorable, right? I mean, she’s no Nazanin Mandi, but she’s definitely cute. Do you think she and Beibs are really kicking it which each other in that way? Or was it just a friendly lunch date?