Amelia & Me


Last night I got to hang out with a dear friend that I have known for years but due to various circumstances, haven’t really been able to spend much time with. I met Amelia when she joined the Turtle Party Book Club that my friends and I started way back in 2009 and I loved her immediately. She went off to spend some time in Italy and altho we didn’t get to hang out much after that, we stayed friends online and have always kept up with one another via social media. We ran into one another a few times in the past few months and we decided that it was time that we hang out more personally again and, voila, we decided to have our first date last night :D

Amelia suggested that we dine at El Conquistador so that’s where we went … and it was delish! We spent all of our time talking, catching up, drinking margaritas … ’twas fun. We made our way over to Cliff’s Edge to grab a celebratory drink for our friend Emilie’s birthday … which then turned into a visit to Smog Cutter for more drinks — and karaoke! I think I rolled home at about 2:30 AM and I am still feeling the effects now.

I had the best time with Amelia last night so we’re gonna hang again this weekend. For now, tho, I need to recuperate for a bit so … I’ll be back later. OY.

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  • Dezden

    “Wannabe” is a great karaoke choice!! I’ve done that a time or two.