‘The View’ Releases New Promo Photos Featuring New Co-Host Jenny McCarthy


Just about one month ago we learned that actress/funny lady Jenny McCarthy joined the cast of The View as a co-host for the forthcoming 17th season of the show and today we get to see Jenny as an official member of the cast in new promo photos released this week. Jenny wears a shocking red dress (and horrible shoes, tbqh) in this fist batch of promo photos that feature her View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters. It remains to be seen what voice Jenny will add to the panel of The View but from the look of these photos, it’s possible that she might be the one to bring the funny. Click below to see the newly released new cast photo of The View.

Jenny McCarthy fits right in. PEOPLE has the first photos of The View’s newly-retooled cast of the daytime talk show for what appears to be a promising (and silly!) season ahead. For the full cast photo, Whoopi Goldberg, 57, decides to wear her serious face, while Sherri Shepherd, 46, and Barbara Walters, 86, sport more traditional grins. The show’s newest addition starts out serene, but quickly finds her goofy side in [another] shot … posing alongside Barbara Walters in a form-fitting red dress and platform Mary Janes. Walters seems equally pleased about the arrangement, saying McCarthy, 40, will be a breath of fresh air. “She can be serious and outrageous. She has connected with our audience and offers a fresh point of view,” Walters has said. McCarthy was named as a co-host less than a week after the departure of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who left the show after 10 years to move to Fox & Friends.

Personally, I used to love Jenny McCarthy on TV. Way back in the day, she used to host her own comedy sketch show on MTV (called The Jenny McCarthy Show) as well as the music network’s dating show Singled Out (before Carmen Electra took over as host). I’ve always loved her brand of humor. Her uneducated and, IMHO, very dangerous talk about immunizations in children has just soured all of that for me. Because I’m not personally affected by Jenny’s anti-immunization crusade, I never really thought about the impact her opinions may have on others. Now that she has a huge platform like The View to voice her opinions, yeah, I’m not sure what to think. My guess is that Jenny won’t court controversy too early into her new career as View co-host but … it’s bound to come up. Again, because I don’t watch The View, I’m not personally affected but … yeah, we’ll have to see what happens. Do any of y’all watch The View? What are your feelings about Jenny joining The View? The new season of The View premieres on ABC on September 9.


  • Steph

    Working with children, her big mouth has most definitely affected my job, and I find it dangerous to put her on such a huge platform. All I can hope for is that one of the other women on the show have an equally loud voice against her. People in this world need to learn to think and research for themselves.

  • Nicole
  • Alecia

    I’m with you Trent on her uneducated opinion. I’m thinking she may actually wear out her welcome on this topic. However, since I’m not sure about her views on other topics, I’ll give her chance. If Barbara Walters can, I will too.

  • Nathan

    I was never a huge fan of The View but I doubt I’ll watch it now that Joy has departed. Barbara annoys me to no end.