Watch: Lindsay Lohan Tells Oprah Winfrey She Is Her ‘Own Worst Enemy’


Early last week we got to see the first preview promo video for Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter and today we get to see the just-released second promo video for the show. In the short clip, Oprah asks Lindsay if she thinks she can turn her life around … then some dramatic music plays, a serious narrator starts speaking … yada yada … you get the gist. The big draw here, as you can see below, is that Lindsay admits that she knows that she is her “own worst enemy” … which, I’m sure, is meant to make viewers believe she has finally changed, is ready to turn her life around … yada yada … you get the gist. Check out the promo video below and get a taste of what’s to come when Lindsay appears on Oprah’s Next Chapter later this week.

This episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter will air on OWN this Sunday night, August 18 at 9PM ET and will be our first full look at Oprah’s influence on Lindsay Lohan’s new post-rehab life. Honestly, as hopeful as I am that Lindsay will finally turn her life around, I cannot be convinced by a single interview. I’m sure Oprah will as some “tough questions” and I’m certain Lindsay will give the right answers. It means nothing … we’ve seen and heard it all before. What matters is 6 months down the line, 2 years down the line … in 5 years time, if Lindsay has managed to stay completely out of trouble, if she has successfully completed the terms of her ongoing probation punishment for a crime she committed years ago, THEN I can believe that she’s a changed woman. We have a long time to wait and see BUT I will admit that that long journey begins with a single step. Perhaps Lindsay will take that step … for her sake, I hope so. We’ll see tho. I’ll be tuning in to watch Lindsay on Oprah’s Next Chapter this weekend, will you?


  • Kristen

    She is in serious need of a bra in that top picture. Her boobies are way too saggy.

  • rOXy

    Good for her that she owns up to being her “own worst enemy”, but I have to respectfully disagree. From what I can see from where I sit, Michael and Dina are her worst enemies.