Madonna Takes Son Rocco John Paint Balling For His Birthday


When Madonna is your mom, you pretty much get to do whatever you want to do for your birthday, wherever in the world you want. For Rocco John’s 13th birthday this year, Maddy’s eldest son decided that he wanted to take a bunch of his friends (including his siblings Lourdes Maria & David Banda, his mother Madonna and her much younger boyfriend Brahim Zaibat) on a paint ball adventure in France. Rocco shared some photos from his birthday party on his official Instagram profile so that we can see how much fun he had. Click below to check out a couple of photos of Madonna’s family over the weekend.

Me and mom don’t play around / Some paint ball fun for my B-Day

If you follow Madonna on Instagram, you know she posted a video from a pool party that Rocco enjoyed with his friends on this very same trip over the weekend. What strikes me more than anything is how normal this all looks. I cannot imagine what it must be like to grow up with Madonna as a mom but I suspect a lot of fun is had … and it’s evident that that is true from just the photos we see here. Let’s send all of our Birthday Lurve to Rocco for his birthday. It looks like he had a blast celebrating with his friends, his family and his fabulous mom.

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  • Lisbeth Slander

    He’s getting so big!!!

  • Jujub

    Why do bloggers etc always always feel the need to state Madonna’s boyfriend is younger? Like its not already known and obvious, I find it kinda dumb that you and others put Madonna ” and her much younger boyfriend” whenever written about them both, like everyone is stupid and doesn’t know or you just like stating it….

    • @Jujub — I like to reiterate it always because Madonna is a PIMP. From me, I intend it as a compliment, not a dig.