The Unreleased Album From Kanye West’s Old Skool Group Go Getters Hits The Internets


Back in 2000, before Kanye West took the world by storm as a solo act, he was part of a Chicago group called Go Getters and today we get to hear music from the group’s previously unreleased album. A website has gone live that offers information and download links for the Go Getters album World Record Holders, revealing the world a new collection of songs that show a different, younger side of Kanye and his crew. Click below to see vintage-looking promo photo of Go Getters and hear their song 10 In A Benz in full. If you like what you hear, you can hear the rest of the tracks by downloading the entire album for your listening pleasure.

Here’s a bit of hip-hop history to chew on this Monday morning. Reddit points us to recordings from an unreleased album by Chicago-based hip-hop group the Go Getters featuring a little known rapper/producer named Kanye West. Rounded out by rapper GLC, who later signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label, Timmy G, and producer Arrowstar, the group recorded a handful of songs around 2000, made a few radio appearances, and even did a photoshoot. As Fake Shore Drive explains, their album World Record Holders was never released, but a number of recordings did surface once Kanye gained notoriety.

Once upon a time there was a Chicago music conglomerate known as Kon-Man Productions, which was represented by Hustle, a marketing and promotions company run by Don Crowley, John “Monopoly” Johnson and Happy Lewis. At the top of the Kon-Man productions pyramid, was a up-and-coming rapper/producer by the name of Kanye West. Kanye had recruited some of Chicago’s top talent to join him on his road to riches and quest for stardom. Producers such as Boogz, Arrowstar and Brian “All Day” Miller helped him on the production side, while emcees such as GLC, Mikkey, Rhymefest, Timmy G, Miss Criss, Shayla G and Really Doe held down microphone duties. Out of this conglomerate, a small “group” was formed which featured Kanye himself, GLC, Timmy G and Arrowstar – and this group was called the Go Getters. The Go Getters recorded a handful of songs, did some promo shoots and made radio appearances – but an official album was never released. A few of these tracks were released about 10 years ago via the World Record Holders album, which was more of a Kon-Man Productions compilation that also featured some completed Go Getters tracks. Also included on this album/mixtape were loose songs Kanye produced and completed songs from various Kon-Man artists.

Altho I’m not a big Hip Hop fan, I do like this song. There’s something interesting about the sound of his music when compared to Kanye’s evolution as a solo artist. You can click HERE to download the entirety of World Record Holders and hear more. I always love it when old tracks and demos from my favorite artists surface online so I’m certain there are lots of Kanye fans out there who might get a kick out of hearing these previously unreleased tracks. What do you think of this new old track? Do you dig?

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  • Alecia

    I don’t know what’s more surprising a) Kanye was in a group! b) Lack of an old school soul sample c) the most open mouthed I’ve ever seen Kanye’s mouth (that’s a lot of teeth action right there).
    As for the song, eh. It sounds like some mess that came out in 2000 that was highly forgettable. He definitely was good to go solo.