Prince William & Kate Middleton May Release Photos Of Prince George Personally, Online


Last month we got our first peek at the newborn Prince George Alexander Louis as he left the hospital with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton but today, we learn that we may get our first official look at the lad very soon. There are reports going around that Wills and Kate want to release Prince George’s official photo themselves … online. Instead of going the usual official portrait route, it is being reported that the couple may instead take the photo themselves and then share it on social media. The times, they are definitely a-changin’ for the British royal family.

Is the Duchess of Cambridge adding photographer to her list of royal responsibilities? While the world waits for the official portrait of Prince William and Kate and their newborn son, Prince George, the young couple is weighing another option: releasing a set of snapshots possibly taken by Kate and the Middletons, a palace source tells PEOPLE. After the initial news release, the images would then be distributed on social media outlets like Twitter and on the couple’s website. “The whole point of these photos is that as many people have access to them who need to and we will find the easiest way of doing that,” the source says. It means that the Duke, Duchess and Prince of Cambridge would not pose for a professional photographer, or have to welcome someone into the Middleton family home (where Kate and George have been staying while William returned to work) … More formal-style portraits may be taken around the time of George’s christening this fall.

I love this idea. It’s a new time, it’s time that the new generation of Royals drag the stuffy traditions of the old guard into the modern age. I don’t think a cell phone selfie is the way to go but I do think it’d be rad if the royal couple set up a camera of their own and then just posted a few snaps online. Prince George will grow up in a time where digital photography is the norm. It’s crazy to think how much the world will change as he matures into a adult. I’d keep my eyes on the royal couple’s official website and social media pages … we may get to see the official photo of Prince George sooner rather than later.


  • EAW

    It’s only a selfie if we can see little Georgie’s extended arm and he is making a duck face ;)