Beyoncé Drives Blue Ivy, Jay Z And Some Friends Home From The Hamptons


Beyoncé and her family spent the weekend maxing and relaxing with friends in the Hamptons, NY and when it was all said and done, they hopped in the family car and drove back into the city … just like lots of other NY suburbanites. But, instead of hiring a driver to get the family home, Bey got behind the wheel of her swanky Rolls Royce and drove her husband Jay Z, her daughter Blue Ivy and some friends back to Manhattan herself. Last month, Bey (with a full heard of hair) shared a couple photos of her bad self posing with her sweet car, which you can see below, but its the new photos of Beyoncé behind the wheel while Jay sat shotgun and Blue in her carseat that are the dopest photos, IMHO. Check those out below, too.

Beyoncé dispensed with her entourage – including her chauffeur – as she and husband Jay Z enjoyed a short break in the Hamptons. The 32-year-old singer got behind the wheel of her vintage Rolls Royce limousine to ferry the family home after a whistle-stop visit to the holiday resort for the rich and fabulous where friend Gwyneth Paltrow is currently residing. Dressed in a loose fitting dress and a straw trilby to shade her from the sun, Beyoncé concentrated intently on the road as Jay Z rode shotgun beside her looking at his phone. Blue, one, sat in the back with two other passengers as her multimillionaire parents chatted up front. Beyoncé’s classic motor was a gift from her rapper husband Jay Z on her 25th birthday, and clearly she’s still as enthralled as ever by the luxury car. The 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II convertible, reportedly worth $1million, features roomy leather interiors alongside a 6.2L engine – making it one of the most desired luxury vintage cars around … Last month dressed in stars-and-stripes hotpants, the singer posed with her classic British car on US Independence Day. Jay Z reportedly delivered the car with a sign that read ‘Reserved for Mrs Carter’ on the driver’s seat. And she was soon behind the wheel of the powder-blue limousine, as the pictures posted online by the proud star show.

Ha, I love this! I have to say, I’m not surprised in the least that Beyoncé likes to drive … nor am I surprised by the fact that Jay enjoys riding along as a passenger letting Bey do all the work. Even tho the family car is a crazy expensive one, these photos do show that B-Jay are kinda like a normal couple. We already know that Beyoncé likes to shop at Target and now we know she likes to drive the family around as well? I wonder what other painfully normal things Beyoncé likes to do in her free time … you know, when she’s not bizzy conquering the world as a massive, pop superstar. Aren’t these photos the best? I love them!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • lindsay

    Are we sure it’s really Jay? He was in Boston all weekend with JT doing shows at Fenway Park! He is BOSS enough to get where ever he wants to be when he wants to be there – just seems a little difficult!

    • @lindsay — It looks like him in the zoomed in photo but I suppose it could be someone else. For that matter, the woman under the hat could be someone else too … but I’m pretty sure it’s B-Jay ::shrug::

    • lindsay

      Maybe it was a day trip…Cuz I def saw him Saturday night in the Bean! :-)

    • Vicky

      Jay-z probably owns a helicopter so it wouldn’t be that hard for him to get around between cities quickly.

    • Jamie O.

      I was thinking the same thing as I was at the Fenway show as well Saturday night (which was AMAZING!), but like you’ve all mentioned, wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to be in Boston at night for the show but somewhere else during the day.