‘Women Have Pooches!!’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Whew! What a wild, wild week in celebrity pop culture. Friggen Beyoncé. The world legit stopped spinning when the Queen Bey shared photos of her new pixie cut hairstyle. I think we’ve started spinning again, but I’m honestly not sure. Ish got cray for a minute there, lol. Lindsay Lohan’s post-rehab events and all of the Amanda Bynes stories have also been making headlines, and we’ve been keeping track of things every step of the way. Click inside to check out just a few of the best PITNBr comments on the week’s biggest stories!

PITNBr Megan made me so happy with this one. Jennifer Aniston had one of my favorite red carpet looks last week and I could NOT believe that people were doing the whole ‘Is She Prego?‘ thing again. Megan’s here to simplify it for all of us:

Women have pooches!! What is so hard to understand about that, Media?!?

PITNBr Emily brought up some really strong points about Beyoncé‘s new pixie cut:

Meh, it doesn’t matter. She could have a big head of braids by the afternoon. In this age of weaves, braids, extensions and dyes, celebrity haircuts don’t leave an impression anymore. It doesn’t seem dramatic or gutsy or admirable because she’s the queen of weave. I’d be more impressed if she cut it and let it grow back naturally over the year, awkward cuts and all, so she can experience what us plebeians go through who can’t afford a weavologist on staff.
I bet she’s back to long locks within 2 weeks. Those wind machines need something to blow around and it ain’t gonna be her nipple leotard.

PITNBr Devonte Antonio joined in on an epic Throwback Thursday in which we celebrated Beyoncé‘s best music video weave… because, obviously:

You HAVE to include the Green Light video…says the President of the Beyonce Haters Club who really actually loves her and hates the fact that he loves her…GREEN LIGHT!

PITNBr AVDisco says– even when Rihanna does it– there’s no such thing as a good grill. I’m inclined to agree, LOL:

I will be a little judgmental here… I don’t think there is a winner between Rihanna and Miley. To me, grillz are just so unattractive and unappealing, on both men and women. To each their own… I’ve read articles about teeth removal (the “passion gap”) in South Africa and seen and read about teeth adornment in Central and South America. I guess I’m just a product of my culture. It just seems like a waste of money and I can’t imagine they’re good for your teeth.

PITNBr helen shared her thoughts on Mark Wahlberg’s advice to Justin Bieber:

Oh how fabulous. Getting Marky Mark to take time from his busy pants dropping schedule to plant trees…

And by “plant trees” I mean “give advice on pulling up your pants”

PITNBr Sandy! is not buying Ariana Grande’s ‘We’re Just Friends!‘ plea that went down after she posted a photo of Justin Bieber kissing her. Sandy! also noticed that, for once, the Biebs was wearing something really cool, lol:

I don’t wanna start anything, but uh, my guy friends aren’t all up on me and kissing me on the cheek…
But shout out to Justin’s Step Brothers shirt

As always thanks for all the laughs this week. And for those of you who e-mailed me pictures of your babies for our upcoming Pink Is The New Baby post, THANK YOU! OMG, I cannot wait to post those… very soon.

And in case you missed last week’s announcement, we are totally putting PITNBr babies on blast with a new post where we share photos of YOUR bundles of cuteness. If you haven’t already done so (like you, PITNBr Kristín), send me pics at shannon@pinkisthenewblog.com so we can show you and your fam some lurve!

Last night I finally finished binge-watching Orange Is The New Black (which Trent has been raving about), and when it was over I was lit’rally sitting there like, ‘Well, what am I supposed to do now?‘ It was awkward. And then I remembered that I have a friggen Baby Registry to create at Target! Woot, Woot!!! Nobody talk to me!

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