Watch/Yes Gawd: Diddy And Ma$e Reunite At Drake’s OVO Fest


In case you were curious about what you missed by not going to Drake’s OVO Fest, apparently, you missed a lot. As did I. Friggen Diddy and Ma$e reunited for no other reason other than that they are awesome and wanted me to relive my pre-teen dream, and we have the footage to prove it! These images are just as sweet as those Jay Z/Damon Dash reunion pictures that have been floating around. Le Sigh. Peep the video for more! You know it’ll make you feel so good, lol!

P.S. Did you peep homegirl going iiiin at the 1:25 mark over the Miguel/J.Cole song?! LMAO. Oh man…


  • Vicky

    I Need a Girl was one of my favorite jams in high school… oh the days. Sigh.

  • Alecia

    Aww man! I bet this is going to air on Diddy’s Revolt since that title flashed at the end. What I wouldn’t give to be there and wave my imaginary Rolly in the sky from side to side along to “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems”.
    Sooo does this mean we’ll be getting a Bad Boy Throwback Thursday soon?!

  • nicole

    so i had a chance to go to ovo fest but i didnt because well…i hate drake. sadly from everything i’ve read and seen..i missed one hell of a show (ummm Kanye freakin showed up!) *sigh* im just going to sit here, watch this video, remember the awesome days of Puffy & Mase… and be bitter now.