Watch: MTV Airs The Alternate Series Finale Ending Of ‘The Hills’


Back in June we learned that MTV was planning to reair the final season of The Hills as a sort of retro, throwback treat for longtime fans of the faux reality TV series and as an added bonus, the network was planning to air the unaired alternate ending for the series. As you may recall, you fans of The Hills (AND I KNOW THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU OUT THERE), the series ended with Brody Jenner saying goodbye to Kristin Cavallari (who was brought in to replace Lauren LC Conrad for the final season of the show) right before the audience was shown that the entire series took place on a fake Hollywood soundstage. As promised, MTV aired the alternate finale episode ending this week and as you can see in the video embedded above, Brody does not share the final scene with Kristin … he shares it with someone else. Check out the video and lemme know, do you prefer this alternate ending to the one that was broadcast back when the series ended in 2010?

  • Joan

    I saw the alternate ending by complete accident. If I got anything out of it, it was the certainty that at least part of The Hills (when it started) wasn’t a complete fabrication because these people are HORRIBLE actors. That last scene was so badly acted! LMAO. Terrible, terrible. I think the first fake ending was the better option between the two, though it was nice to see LC.

  • Whit

    I have a soft spot for Lauren, so I loved it. Even though, as Joan said the acting was BAD.

  • Megan

    I agree with the above, that was horrible acting lol. The good thing is we know not all of The Hills was fake! The other ending definitely was better.

  • Hannah

    I am glad that they didn’t go with that one. It was so awkward.

  • sjazz


  • Nathan

    I really didn’t like either ending. I watched The Hills but wasn’t a big fan of it. I did however, love Laguna Beach.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    So awkward and completely proves the show was fake since Lauren was dating Kyle Howard at the time haha!

    • @JeniLeeSK8 — They’ve revealed already that the entire show was fake, even the original finale ending made that clear. I used to love that show ;(

    • JeniLeeSK8

      True the cast has but MTV never really openly said it just hinted at it with the first finale