Miley Cyrus Is Absolutely Stunning In The September Issue Of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Magazine


Miley Cyrus may be in the middle of a gangsta grill face-off with Rihanna, but we know that she can get fancy when the moment suits her. The pop star has had many insane fashion moments and photo shoots, but this new Harper’s Bazaar spread vindicates all! Photographed by Terry Richardson, Miley goes rock n’ roll couture for the magazine and just… stuns. I love, love, love everything about these looks on her; Miley really looks amazing. This first pic is brilliant, but I think my favorite is the one where she’s on the motorcycle. Very couture, very bad-ass, perfectly Miley. Oh, and then there’s the one where she has her shoes off– she just looks great. Peep the gallery for more!


  • ClaireMichelle

    Oh my gosh, gorgeous! Love this shoot!

  • nicole

    that picture with her in front of the car..beautiful.

  • Harlie

    I think she makes the dresses look cheap..I dunno, maybe it’s her hair, or the boring way she just tilts her head back in EVERY picture…Not trying to hate, I just don’t think she looks that great…

  • Emily

    If you told me Terry Richardson & Miley Cyrus got together for a photo shoot, I’d picture Terry’s ubiquitous white background with Miley’s hair spiked to the heavens, heavy red lipstick, her tongue pushed out to the floor and her fingers alternating between a peace sign and rocker pose. And I would have hurt my face trying to yawn and eye roll at the same time.
    This though, THIS – I am pleasantly surprised by both of their restraint. It’s really well done, Miley’s tongue has stayed firmly in her mouth and Terry ventured out of his white studio. Praise Jeebus!

    • nicole

      i agree…i would have never guess this was a Terry Richardson photo shoot.

  • Krissy

    I was a little disappointed in the pictures! From the thumbnails they looked a lot better than when I opened them up. Her face seems kind of awkward, the way she holds her head. She looks stiff to me. Hmm. To each their own, I guess !:)

    • Heather

      Yeah I agree  – she looks very pretty but I thought they looked better in the thumbnails, haha. Up close, the flashy lighting makes them look kinda cheap and her poses and facial expressions I don’t really get. Favorite is definitely with the car.

    • rOXy

      Now that you mention it, I can totally see the stiffness. You can almost hear Terry barking off camera, “move that elbow down, chin up, chest out, hips back”. She needs to learn to relax more and think she will be fine. The picture where she is putting her shoe on (or taking it off) is a relaxed composure, more like it was just shot candidly and her face beams in it. She’ll get there.