Let’s Relive Some Of Beyoncé’s Most Unbeweavable Music Videos Ever


Today the interwebs went all kinds of cray when Beyoncé did the unthinkable and revealed a super-short new ‘do. The Queen Bey pixie cut is a big deal (although, according to this very scientific chart, anything Beyoncé does ever is a big deal), but I agree with all the folks who are saying that we shouldn’t expect the hairstyle to last. As PITNBr Emily aptly pointed out, Beyoncé is the queen of weave and I don’t think she’s about to get off that throne anytime soon (even if she is stepping away from her duties for a moment). So for everyone who already misses Bey’s locks, we’re looking back at some of her best, most unbeweavable hair moments for Throwback Thursday (and before you clown me for actually using the term ‘unbeweavable’ please remember that it is Throwback Thursday). LMAO… and yeah, I know. Any excuse to watch the Upgrade U video for the 70,000th time. Click inside for more!

Ten Of Beyoncé’s Most Unbeweavable Music Videos Ever

1. Diva


Geez… look at that friggen ponytail at the beginning of the video. Every time I think I don’t need some form of weave or tracks in my hair I’m gonna see that ponytail and rethink my entire lifestyle. Hell, even when she pulls it back in a bun, it looks super-dope. I need that bun weave. That, and the chinese fan made of money, and then the second bun-weave look where she’s all greasy and shiny but she can do that because LOOK at her hair. Yes, I need all those things.

2. Check On It


First off, shouts-out to Slim Thug and Bun-B. Secondly, I now believe that the part where she’s like ‘You can look at it, as long as you don’t grab it’ is ABSOLUTELY about her weave. Real talk… lmao! Yo, there are like 18 different looks in this video; the hair keeps changing and I love every second of it. Including that pink wig. Gonna need a pink wig.

P.S. Peep the weave-pat at 2:32. This is the icon of a generation folks! Nobody can weave-pat like Queen Bey.

3. Get Me Bodied

And speaking of the Pat Yo Weave movement… lol.

Okay, for the record, you do realize that she is lit’rally using weave as a ponytail holder for her weave, right? Okay. That is the literal and visual definition of unbeweavable, in case you were curious. And she knows she’s the Queen of Weave at the 1:38 mark. Sigh.

4. Single Ladies


When Beyoncé took the Snooki poof and Beyhive-inized it, the whole movement changed. I mean, seriously. She is werking the ish out of that poof! And it was the perfect look for this song, giving the whole thing a little retro vibe. I am now seriously trying to figure out how/why I have never worn a weave… this is getting weird.

5. Upgrade U


I know. I keep finding excuses to post this video, LMAO… but I can’t help it! It’s my favorite! And how could we leave it off of this Throwback Thursday when she’s got that effing ginormous braid that still, somehow, looks awesome?! I can’t deal. And this is another one of those videos where her hair changes 12 times, if only to prove that it really doesn’t matter what her hair/weave looks like. She’s Bey. She’s here to Upgrade U, and she has the kind of expensive weave that can get wet.


Click over for a few more unbeweavable moments from Bey!

6. If I Were A Boy


Listen, I’m not tryna get all racial up in here but you have to understand that as a black woman in America I only want two things: justice for Trayvon Martin, and for my hair to look like Beyoncé‘s does at the beginning of this video (like, maybe when I get out of the shower or, just, whenever). It’s that wet look again, and I can’t staaaaaaand how amazing she looks.

P.S. Just a point of clarification– I was kidding. As a black woman in America there are at least 12 other things I want in addition to justice for Trayvon and Beyoncé‘s weave.

7. Dance For You


If your weave doesn’t bring hot Private Detectives to their knees, then your weave probably didn’t cost $1,000. It’s okay. Neither did my [currently non-existent] weave. It’s fine. Whatevs.

8. Me, Myself, and I


OMG… remember this video?! Aghhh! Throwback Bey for reals. And that short hair she’s rocking throughout? Yeah, pretty sure that’s a wig or weave of some sort as well. And it doesn’t matter. Because it’s all hella fierce and she can do whatever she wants.

9. Irreplaceable


I love this one because this is Beyoncé‘s ‘every girl’ weave. You know, it’s not too dramatic, looks pretty natural, sometimes she puts it up in rollers… and yet. It still looks better than anything else. Ever. Anywhere. Like, no matter how bomb my flat iron is, my ish is just not looking like this! But we learn in this video that you must have your hair done when you’re going through a break-up. Hugely important lesson, y’all.

10. Work It Out


Listen, everyone. Just ignore her abs in this video. That is NOT what we are focusing on today! This whole post is about her weave only. So y’all are not gonna get me to talk about the fact that this video (mainly the hula hoop moments) had me doing 500 crunches a day back in 2002. LMAO. Ugh. She’s the worst/Bow Down.

The great part about this collection is that I had hella, hella videos to choose from. Really, any Beyoncé video is a testament to Beyoncé‘s weave and a shouts-out to her stylists. She simply does it like no other. And while I’m glad that she shared a pic of herself in a more natural state, I expect we’ll be seeing another bomb-ass weave in the near future. It’s only a matter of time!

  • Alecia

    I have to say Beyonce’ is to weave in our generation what Diana Ross was to my parents’ generation. You may not like her antics, songs, or anything else- but you know and you respect that weave.
    Thanks for the weave memories Shannon :).

    • Shannon

      Alecia, ‘you know and you respect that weave’– LOL! Real Talk.

  • Devonte Antonio

    You HAVE to include the Green Light video…says the President of the Beyonce Haters Club who really actually loves her and hates the fact that he loves her…GREEN LIGHT!

    • Shannon

      Devonte Antonio, touché:
      [video-embed url=”http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DbOXvqkC3W4M”]

  • Kim Sneed

    Shannon, you are my favorite and crack me up all the time ;)

    • Shannon

      Kim Sneed, LOL, thank you! So glad you’re enjoying :)