Kelly Clarkson Chooses Her Maid Of Honor


First Kelly Clarkson showed off her beautiful engagement ring, then she showed off her kick-ass engagement photo and today … she introduces us to her maid of honor. Kelly is getting into the nitty gritty of her wedding plans and, as such, has gotten around to selecting the lucky lady that will stand with her at the altar when she says I Do later this year. Kelly selected a childhood friend that has known her forever to be her maid of honor … click below to see the photo that Kelly shared on her official Twitter profile introducing her to the world.

Introducing my official “Maid of Honor” Miss Ashley Donovan ladies and gentlemen :)

As I understand it, Kelly and Ashley have been BFFs forever, way before Kelly won American Idol. The Burleson, Texas natives used to work a movie theater together and everything. I suppose Kelly is famous enough that she could’ve asked any of her new celebrity friends to be her maid of honor but she decided to share her special day with a longtime and very loyal friend. I’m sure Kelly’s wedding day is going to be special but even more so with a true blue friend standing by her side. I can’t WAIT to see these two when they pose together on Kelly’s special day.


  • MJ

    Yup. Kelly and Ashley go way back. She is also works as Kelly’s make up artist.

  • Kristín

    i knew it! Kelly isn´t the type of celeb to choose a made of honor only by their fame status. She has always kept it real and that´s a big part why i love her so much.