Joe Jonas Posts A Selfie On Instagram


Remember last week when we got to see that amazing Instagram selfie photo that Nick Jonas shared with the world? You remember, the one that showed off his sick bod in such a way that it made you want to lick your computer screen? Yeah, well, Nick’s older brother Joe Jonas went ahead and posted a selfie of his own on his official Instagram profile. Joe, just like Nick, is shirtless AND he’s posing with a cute dog but … alas, the photo doesn’t pack quite the same punch that Nick’s photo does. Check it out below.

Hahaha! Clearly, Joe is going for laughs so I guess we can forgive him for not looking so beefcakey. This photo is fun but, to be honest, all it does is make me want to see that photo of Nick again ;)


  • Vicky

    Who knows, Joe’s body might be just as hot as Nick’s but since he’s a bit “older” doesn’t feel the “need” to display it everywhere. Such a shame, such a shame.

  • Phillip Puryear

    Who is the other shirtless guy in the background?

    • Lynne

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

  • Sandy!

    Yeah, you’re cute and all, but where’s your brother?

  • Jake

    He looks like he might be just as ripped. Let’s get a pick without the dog now…

  • Pickle

    There are actually two shirtless men in the background, one inside and one outside. Gay pool party, totally.

  • Nom

    There’s been been some indications that Joe might be gay, but that dog… He might as well been waving a rainbow flag in the picture.