‘Billboard’ Magazine Names Madonna As Its Top ‘Hot 100′ Solo Act Of All Time


Billboard magazine is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its Hot 100 singles chart and, as such, has released its list of the most successful groups and artists in the history of the singles chart. Unsurprisingly, The Beatles tops the list at #1 as the most successful group in the chart history but coming in at #2 is Madonna — the most successful solo artist in Hot 100 history. Madonna reigns over Elton John (#3), Elvis Presley (#4), Mariah Carey (#5), Michael Jackson (#8), Prince (#18) and on and on. Click below to see the full list of Hot 100 groups/artists as they rank in terms of success … then learn a little bit of gossip about when Maddy MIGHT begin work on her next album.

In the course of charting over a half-century of music, the Billboard Hot 100 — which now celebrates its 55th anniversary — has seen some songs transform into hits, but it has also chronicled major chart feats. So in addition to the Hot 100 55th anniversary All-Time Top 100 Songs list, we’ve delved into the Hot 100’s rich history to take a look, by the numbers, at the chart’s Top 100 artists, the artists with the most Hot 100 No. 1’s and top tens, the artists with the most overall Hot 100 hits, the biggest No. 2 hits, and more.

I have to say … I’m not surprised that Madonna ranks very high on this list of All-Time Top 100 Songs but I thought for sure Michael Jackson would rank higher. This goes to show that it is never wise to discount Madonna … she is the Queen, she will always been the Queen. The end. As for her next album, I’m hearing that she is supposed to begin work officially on her follow-up to last year’s M.D.N.A. in September … and rumor has it that she may work with producer Giorgio Moroder (the 70’s disco legend who recently helped Daft Punk with their comeback album Random Access Memories). I have to say, I am FULLY ON BOARD with Madonna working with Moroder. As for this list of All-Time Top 100 groups/artists … what do y’all think? Where do your faves rank on the chart?


  • Jake

    I’m kind of surprised that Paula Abdul is on the list.

  • carlos

    Is this chart for real? Where is Britney? Chris Brown, Kool & the Gang but no Britney. Puhlease

    • @carlos — LOL, yes the chart is real. It lists the highest selling singles artists OF ALL TIME.

    • carlos

      I would need to get into the criteria. But Andy Gibb has sold more than Britney Jean Spears Alexander Federline?

      Whatever, that list is fucking irrelevant at the end of the day

    • al

      Britney’s career started out as more of an Albums artist than a Singles artist. Plus I think her label or billboard itself shafted Britney with regards to having download singles count towards Billboard. If they had been with the times Britney would probably have more hits than Rihanna, when you think of the download success of Drive Me Crazy, Toxic, Slave 4 U, etc

    • @carlos — Singles used to be much more important back in the 70’s, during Andy Gibb’s time. This chart lists singles sold, it’s simply numbers.

    • DJ

      Billboard chart activity isn’t just based on sales… airplay is very much apart of it. And it’s not that MJ wasn’t played on the radio as much as Madonna, but the sheer volume of music in general.

      In the last 20 years, Michael put out 2 albums (and a slew of greatest hits that didn’t have much in the way of “new” material). Madonna has put out 7, not including greatest hits comps and being on soundtracks.

      In the last 20 years, Michael has had 7 top 40 singles, 4 of which hit the top 10, with 1 #1 song (in America). Madonna had 20… 13 hitting the top 10 and 2 #1 songs.

      And considering the low quality of music in Michael’s last few albums (Invincilbe?? Really??), it’s no surprise that Madonna is ahead of him in a list like this as longevity with hits is also a factor. However, if we were to add in albums, it would be a totally different list altogether.

      I am a little surprised, however, that she’s ahead of Elvis, considering he had over 100 hits and she has half that many (granted, lots of his were just quick week-ers that disappeared, but still). But it does warm my heart to see she’s overtaken Elton John. Sure, he says their feud is over, but you know it just bugs the hell outta him!

      And if she’s really working with Giorgio… AMAZEBALLS!!!

    • Krissy

      Good point that airplay is a large portion of the equasion they use to calculate the Hot 100 chart. Also keep in mind that over the decades airplay has been largely determined by record company shenanigans. :)

      In regards to Elvis, the Hot 100 chart started in 1958 and he started releasing singles in 1954 (I believe). Who knows if those 4 extra years of singles would have put him at the top?

    • @Krissy — Yes AND consider that radio used to be much more important back in the day. Now that Billboard is factoring in You Tube stats, the future of this chart will change considerably in the coming years.

    • DJ

      I actually took that into account – Elvis started charting in 1956 and had about 30 chart singles before Billboard became official. However, even not using those, he STILL had 136 other tracks that charted and many charted WELL. So even without those early tracks, it’s a bit shocking that she has overtaken him. If those other 30 were added in, for sure, he’d be higher.

      Though I wonder if Gleeks are taking notice that while having so many chart entries, they’re not even a factor in the history of music. Cuz one week on the chart per song means nothing! HA!

      As for the YouTube stuff, when that happened earlier this year I was kinda put off. Yes, it’s a totally viable way of tracking music and all, but because of that, we had to suffer through the Harlem Shake at #1 for 5 weeks. Disgusting! I’m just thankful the switch wasn’t made before that unbelievably pathetic Rebecca Black song, Friday! OY!

    • @DJ — “I’m just thankful the switch wasn’t made before that unbelievably pathetic Rebecca Black song, Friday! OY!”

      AMEN, amen!

  • blaqfury

    I gotta say i’m surprised to see Janet so high on the list… She’s had many less successful albums than the company she shares in the top 10. Good for her though she must have really made a serious impact during her peak years…. and I can agree… The Velvet Rope Concert was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too.

    • blaqfury

      oh and I meant to say… i was ecstatic to see Bruno Mars make the list… I always think he’s one of the most under rated artists out there… but to already make the list and only have been publicly known for a handful of years… amazing… he is definitely going places!

  • LiQue