Is David Beckham About To Become An Actor?


Back in May, soccer superstar David Beckham played his last professional game ever after he announced his retirement from professional soccer. Having done so, he freed up his time to do other things … like promote David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, film an ad campaign for Sky Sports and launch a new celebrity fragrance. It turns out that Becks has also been offered a role in an upcoming movie starring Colin Firth. As much as I love me some David Beckham, I’m not sure he’s cut out for acting but … I’d prolly check out any movie that features our dear Becks.

David Beckham has reportedly been offered a role in The Secret Service, the forthcoming spy thriller from Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn. The film, based on a graphic novel of the same name by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, will star Colin Firth as a secret agent who joins forces with a punky young upstart played by newcomer Taron Egerton. Samuel L Jackson has been cast as the film’s villain and Michael Caine will appear as the head of a spy organisation. Now Beckham has been offered a cameo role, The Sun claims, because Vaughn is keen to boost the movie’s profile. “Becks was asked by Colin Firth if he’d like to be in the movie but he is yet to fully commit,” a source apparently told the tabloid. “He loves movies and fancies appearing on the big screen – but just as a one-off, not a full-time career.” Beckham isn’t the only big name reportedly in line for a cameo in The Secret Service. Elton John is said to be wanted for a fight scene in the film, which is due to start shooting this autumn (2014).

I hate to admit it but David Beckham is better seen and not heard. If this cameo role requires no speaking, then I think Becks might do well. I dunno, I just feel that there are many things that Becks does so well that I think a failed attempt at acting might ruin all of that a bit. It never occurred to me ever that Beckham would make a good actor … but, as I said above, I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Do any of you think David Beckham would make a good actor? Does this sound like a career change that you would like to see from our dear Becks?


  • MJ

    It’s a shame silent movies aren’t popular right now. But if they ever decide to remake The Artist….we know who they can call!

  • blaqfury

    This needs to stay as a rumor…

    • @blaqfury — LOL