‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Will End Next Year, After Its Seventh Season


As many of you know, I only just started watching the critically-acclaimed FX series Sons of Anarchy this year, but immediately fell in love with show. And Jax. And, yes, now Opie. And pretty much every other character, because they are so amazing and so well-written, and how is it already ending?! Le sigh. The creator of the show, Kurt Sutter, recently confirmed that the seventh season of SAMCRO will be the last. Click inside to learn more.

Complex has the deets:

The Sons of Anarchy will ride through to 2014 and then that’s it. Speaking at the Televsion Critics Assosciation press tour, creator Kurt Sutter confirmed he envisions the SAMCRO saga concluding after a seventh season, which hasn’t been officially ordered but most assuredly will as it’s FX’s highest rated series.

For now though, promo for the sixth season is beginning to rev up for 90-minute September 10th premiere. That episode is said to have a highly controversial climax*, which would place it in the pantheon of SoA openers that have seen a woman get burned alive, a brutal gang rape, a shootout at a funeral, and a pool stick jammed into a guy’s nuts…

As for the end, Sutter’s got a loose idea of how it will go down: “I have a loose blueprint I go into every season with. The looser I hold on to those ideas, the better the seasons are. … I have a sense of what the final shot is, but I hold onto that loosely. I need that marker to go towards, and then I go the right place.”

Those sad about the show coming to a close can be comforted by news that Sutter plans to ask FX for permission to do a number of super-sized, 90-minute episodes (not just premieres and finales) for both seasons, as he did last year.

*Unfortunately we spotted a tweet during the TCA panel that brazenly gave the basis of said climax away. It’s definitely going to hit a public nerve, and could end up being the most brutal thing the show’s done yet.

MADNESS! All madness! Now I had to skip a whole section of this Complex article because it gave away some spoilers for those of us still making our way through the previous seasons. But you can read the whole thing HERE.

As much as I don’t want to hear that the show is coming to an end, this 90-minute season premiere sounds allll kinds of cray!!! I can’t wait to catch up so I can start in with everyone else during the season 6 premiere. Are y’all ready for the return of SoA?


  • nicole

    i also read that the last season is supposed to be “bloody” (unless i have that confused with this season lol). i cant wait for this season, it starts exactly 2 weeks before my birthday, so its like an early present.

  • Lindsay

    bring. it. on.

  • Robert

    its sad but all good things must come to an end. BIG Thank you Curt Sutter for the great show and I wish you and yours the best the show will be missed. I am a big die hard fan of the show I own all the seasons and most of the sons gear, I am a big fan of the motorcycle lifestyle and was raised around bikers and man you got it down. I will be looking for more Sutter Ink programs.