Hey Guys… Thanks For All The Prego Lurve


As you all know, every week I round up some of my favorite PITNB Reader comments of the week, and it’s a total blast. This week I hope y’all will indulge me in ONE more ‘SHANNON’S PREGNANT’ post because I seriously want to take the time to thank every single last one of you who showed me hella love on the blog, my Facebook, and Instagram. You guys are insane and awesome, and sooo many of you mentioned my pregnancy boobs and how great they looked. That really touched me, because as I stated before, I’m really in it all for the boobs. Click inside so I can show y’all some much-deserved LOVE!

Look– I made the photo a B&W so you’d know just how SERIOUS I am about thanking you:


I just needed to let all of you know that I read allll of the many congratulatory comments on both my announcement and Trent’s amazing post (that absolutely did not make me cry into the bowl of whatever I was surely eating at the time) and they were all so special and hilarious. I didn’t get to reply to everyone, but I tried to give you all a ‘+1’ so you’d know I read it :)

And OMG, I have to give a special shouts-out to all my PITNBr pregnancy buddies!!! PITNBrs Nicole, Shannon, Layla and Lena (who both recently popped– hooray!), and beans! Congratulations to all of you– I’m seriously thrilled to know that we all had unprotected sex at or around the same time. We are bonded for life; we are one.


No but seriously. PITNBr SD had this brilliant idea of a Pink Is The New Baby post where we could celebrate new babies brought into the world by our very special PITNBrs. I LOVE this idea and yes, we are doing it. E-mail me photos of your newborn bundle of amazingness at shannon@pinkisthenewblog.com and I will totally exploit your baby’s cuteness to the world :)

Also? Ummm. There were a few comments RE: a PITNB Virtual Baby Shower? Uhhhhh, yespleasemorethankyou. Many people assume that because I already have little ones I have, like, alll their old clothes saved in a special trunk for every time I get pregnant again. LMAO! Not quite… AKA not at all! I need baby stuff!!! So, I figured what I’ll do is register at Beyoncé‘s favorite store, Target, and share my registration info with everyone. If you do have it in your hearts/budgets to hook my baby up with a pack of onesies or diapers and wipes (because– yes– I am totally putting those on the registry), I’ll be sure to take pics of all the gifts and make note of the giver, and we’ll have a little virtual baby shower on the blog! Fun, right? I thought about it and– after wondering if this was a totally tacky, greedy thing to do– I realized that it totally wasn’t because it totally wasn’t MY idea! LMAO! No, but seriously. Whadda you guys think? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing this. Expect my registry info in 5-10 days.

Again, much, much love to all of you. I was both excited and nervous to share the news; you guys really made me feel all kinds of special and magical and amazing. ‘Preciate it <3 #BumpWatch

  • Alecia

    Yay!! You look awesome Shannon! I understand you doing a registry, as much as I know you love writing and sharing your brilliance with us, you gotta provide for your chirrens :)! Congrats again!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, thank you love!

  • rOXy

    You so cute in that white little flirty frock! It’s easy to pour love on someone who gives so much to others in the form of shout-outs and other recognition, right here on this amazing blog. Yesyesyesyesyes on the shower idea! : ) Actually, I was going to suggest that you register somewhere and share the info with us, but I can see you’re a bit quicker than I am and you beat me to it! A couple ideas for your other babies couldn’t hurt, either. Don’t want to leave them out of all the fun. Thank you so much for sharing with us all this special time in your life. PinkistheNewBaby for sure!! xoxoxoxo

    • Shannon

      rOXy, let me tell you something about that white frock. That photo is from a few months back (Mother’s Day, I think) and I can STILL wear that dress! It’s the cutest little thing that just keeps stretching right along with me, lol.

      Also, thanks for the idea of getting gifts for Jonovan & Jovelle. They are really excited, and I’m sure they’d love a big brother surprise or two :)

  • Samantha

    I am all about that registry! virtual baby showers are the new things

    • Joan

      Do it, Shannon!

  • Iris B


  • Nikki Johnson

    I see I missed a lot by starting a new job this week!! I came here tonight to catch up and I read your wonderful news!! Congratulations!! You look great.I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant…hell who am I kidding. I wish I looked that good now! lol
    I’m looking forward to being able to send something along to your newest bundle of joy :)

    • Shannon

      Nikki Johnson, LMAO! You never know who’s gonna pop up prego over here, right? Better keep reading :)

      And thanks for the lurve. I’m telling you… Sephora.com has been a key part of my general upkeep.

  • SD

    soo awesome you liked the pink is the new baby idea and are going through with it!!! i love how you and trent incorporate readers’ ideas…you guys are the best :)

  • Sabrina

    Yayyyy can’t wait for the baby shower! :)

  • Vicky

    Congratulations to you and your family Shannon :) Cannot wait to see lots of cute bump pictures that you are definitely (hopefully) going to share with your loving and loyal readers :)

    • Shannon

      Vicky thank you– and yes, more bump pics on the way!

  • Kristín

    that´s such an awesome idea, can´t wait for the virtual shower :) Diapers are expensive as hell and everything baby related! I think that pinkisthenewbaby is the best idea ever, but a little sad i´m 10 months to late hahah :)
    Keep us posted on your bump Shannon :)

    • Shannon

      Kristín, I think for our first pinkisthenewbaby I’ll invite anyone with a little one under 1 year to send in a pic. 10 months is still pretty new to the world, lol.

      And congrats to you!

  • Thomas

    You’re beautiful Shannon and I am so excited for this bump watch. The virtual baby shower is a fantastic idea! We are one big PINB family after all!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, thank you! You guys have been showering me with so much love already– it’s gonna be a sweet time!

  • Janet in Austin, TX :-)

    Shannon, you look amazing. Beautiful woman, beautiful family, beautiful bump! You GO girl! Love from Texas.

  • momo

    ok Shannon i’m a little late to the game but I still wanted to send out my congrats. im rarely on my laptop and pitnb doesn’t allow comments on mobiles …so… here we are. I am an avid reader of the blog (and twitter and ig) but I very rarely comment but…

    Conrats! number three is great. just had mine in May and im still alive (typing with him as we speak, lol. hence the limited caps, ha!) three is much easier than two and im not lying! it helps that my third is the best sleeper too but it probably is due to the fact that I have more experience now.

    Im sending lots of love and lots of wishes for a speedy and healthy delivery!

    • Shannon

      momo, THANK YOU!!! And congratulations on your new addition. I know you’re crazy busy, but feel free to email me a pic of your little one for our next Pink Is The New Baby post :)