Check Out Jennifer Aniston In Burberry, And Ten Other Must-See Looks Of The Week


So, obviously you guys heard about how Jennifer Aniston is pregnant [again], right? Because, obviously, when we see a woman rocking the hell out of a gorgeous plum-colored Burberry dress, and that woman looks like she, maybe occasionally eats, and that woman is Jennifer Aniston– then she is clearly pregnant. Ridiculousness. Bottom line? Jennifer looked fantastic. And she’s joined by a few other celebrities who looked awesome this week. Amanda Seyfried had two looks that made my must-see list, and Mena Suvari, Selena Gomez, and Kate Hudson also looked pretty fab. Sidenote– Amanda and Kate both wore Balmain, and I cannot get over how much I love this fashion house. Their creative director ain’t too hard on the eyes either. Peep the gallery for more!

Who rocked your favorite look of the week?

[Photo Credits: INF/Splash/Wenn/Pacific Coast News] [Source]

  • Andy

    You know what, the thing about Jennifer Aniston (who I really really like, by the way) and her “baby bump”, is the fact that she normally is 100%, enviably, and unrealistically toned. However, whenever she has had a new film to promote for the past couple of years, she has worn these dresses that put attention to that area, and I do believe that it is a conscious decision. And then, of course, it all amounts to nothing, but the PR machine did its trick. I think she looked amazing too, but if there’s one celeb who’s astutely media savvy it’s her.

    • Shannon

      Andy, hmmm interesting take! You could absolutely be right– I haven’t followed her red carpet moves enough to say one way or other. It still points to a certain, well, creepiness in our culture because if you’re theory is correct, then she knows how to appeal to the celebrity gossip/pop culture ‘machine’ of which we’re all apart.

  • LinnĂ©a

    Jennifer looks gorg! They also thought Selena Gomez were prego because she had a little bump after eating.. Today you aren’t aloud to eat like a person without getting “knocked up” rumor after you..

  • Megan

    Women have pooches!! What is so hard to understand about that, Media?!?