Justin Bieber Is Sportin’ A Tattooed Arm Sleeve Now


Last month we saw that Justin Bieber added a creepy-ass of his mother’s eye to the growing collection of tattoos on his left arm and today we learn that The Biebs finally went all the way … and got a complete arm sleeve of tattoos all at once. JB made his way to his favorite tattooist’s parlor this week and went ahead and finished up the work on his arm … which he then showed off on stage in New Jersey and in new photos he took with fans. Click below to see Bieber’s arm as it looks now, all tatted and hard and stuff.

He’s developed something of an obsession with body art after having his first tattoo at the tender age of 16. And Justin Bieber has now brought his total collection of inkings up to 17 with an intricate new rose motif. The 19-year-old singer debuted his latest etching after appearing on stage for a gig at the Prudential Centre in New Jersey on Thursday night, with the new tattoo clearly visible above his existing owl design. Following his performance, the teen pop sensation headed to Bang Bang Tattoo Parlour in New York City, a favourite of the likes of Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Adele, where he had his sleeve completed with the new design. Pizza was seen being delivered to the studio as the work got underway, with Justin later emerging to pose for photos with a series of fans, while showing off his new ink. Posting a snap of the new rosebud design on his Instagram page, the Baby hitmaker wrote: ‘Art’.

Art? LOL!

Since turning 16 three years ago, the star has amassed a collection of a whopping 17 tattoos. Last month, he debuted a slightly unusual inking of his mother’s eye, covering the entire width of the singer’s arm and taking prominent pride of place in the crook of his left arm. Writing underneath a picture of the body art, Justin said: ‘@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;). Celebrity tattoo artist Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy, who is responsible for a number of Justin’s inkings, including his latest one, is the go-to tattoo artist of Hollywood’s A-list.

Oh man … I mean, I guess we should’ve seen this coming. I have to admit, finishing off the work on his arm so that his tattooed arm sleeve is now finished does make his other crappy tattoos look much better. I can’t say that I, personally, am a fan of the work he’s had done to his body but it sounds like he loves his tattoos and that’s really all that matters. It remains to be seen if JB is finally done getting tattoos or if this is just the beginning. After all, Justin has a whole other arm that he could get tattooed as well.

As for the way he looks now … do you like?

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  • Stef

    Well, the silver lining in this is that he’s not wearing his saggy, “baby with a full diaper” type pants. So, that’s something I suppose…

  • Jenn from BC Canada

    What really boggles my mind is that every tattoo I’ve had (I have 3 so far) needed to be covered for at least 24 hours to prevent infection! Is it different in the states or does he just not care???

  • PixiesBassline

    I don’t think you should have full body parts (arms, legs, torso, face) completely covered while you’re still so young. Considering that your tastes change as you get older – and the fact that you can’t put anything new there. (Unless you get some really good coverings done). I’d want to leave spaces I could fill through my lifetime. And if I was getting a sleeve, I’d have to wait until I was at least 30. Not that all should have to do it that way – but 19 is too young IMO to have such large pieces covered.

    • Alecia

      I agree. Not only that but if he’s talking about being in movies and stuff like that- it’s going to take a lot of makeup and stuff to cover them.
      I work an office job and quite a few people I know have tats but they are small and discrete, if Bieber had to work at a place like my work- I feel he’d probably be told to cover his sleeves so he doesn’t become a distraction.

    • Megan

      He’s young and rich and has that ‘I want it now’ mentality. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’m sure more teenagers would do that because they just do not think about the future/consequences. Whatever, it’s his arm and his money so he can do all the stupid crap he wants to it. At least he has the money to get them removed if/when he ends up regretting it.

  • rOXy

    The full sleeve does knock down some of the creep factor of that eye. Maybe that was the point. It now looks reminiscent of Hindu art, which is much, much better.