Sarah Michelle Gellar Says She Is Open To Doing A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Movie


Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been spoofed with a porn parody and even scarier than that, it was almost remade in a new film that did not include BtVS creator Joss Whedon (thankfully, the planned Jossless remake was killed before it even began) … but today, we learn that there is a slight possibility that an actual, sanctioned Buffy movie might be made one day … IF the story was done right. This amazing news comes not from Whedon or any movie studio … but from BtVS star Sarah Michelle Gellar herself. As you may recall, we learned earlier this year that SMG is returning to TV this Fall in a new CBS series called The Crazy Ones and while promoting her new TV show, she was asked the BtVS movie question. Click below to read exactly what she said about the possibility of Buffy heading to the big screen some day.

Buffy Summers is no stranger to coming back from the dead, and there’s the tiniest of chances that her show could follow suit — on the big screen. “If there ever was the right story, we would do it,” Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself Sarah Michelle Gellar recently told E! while promoting her upcoming CBS comedy The Crazy Ones. The (formerly) Chosen One said that she and Buffy creator Joss Whedon — who also wrote the 1992 feature film that preceded the supernatural TV series — have spoken about bringing Buff back to the cineplex. “But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film,” she said, mainly because “the story works better over time” … “At this point,” Gellar joked, “the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in.”

Sigh. As AMAZING as it is to have SMG speak positively about a BtVS movie, I really fear that it will never happen … at least, not with the Buffy actors that we all know and love so much. Unless a movie could come to fruition in the next few years, it might be too late to properly make a great film. Joss may reboot BtVS some day with new actors but I really don’t think the stars will ever align properly enough to get the TV cast together for a movie. I’d love it, believe me. In years past, SMG hasn’t really talked much about Buffy in too positive a light (or at all) but she has been much more positive and vocal about the show that made her a television icon lately. If I had a wish that I new would come true, I’d wish for this Buffy movie with the TV series actors and Joss involved to happen. Wishes do come true sometimes so … let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?


  • martin

    SMG still looks young enough to be a believable 30 young slayer trainer..there’s hope!

  • Grace

    *Sigh* – Now I want to rewatch the whole series again…

  • Paul

    Joss Whedon is so in demand now, I can’t see him going back to Buffy. Firefly would be a better choice to restart, as the concept of the show is not tied to young people in high school. Sarah Michelle Gellar has probably realized Buffy might be one of her only ways back into an A-list movie. TV is so much better than the movies these days, she is better off with TV where they don’t seem to require that she be a hot twenty something in order to get work.

  • TamTam

    Oh Please Please Please make a movie! Just finished my second round of the series, including all of the writer/producer/actor commentaries. Annnd I’m so glad SMG is going to be in another series. Disappointing that Ringer did not make it. GEMMA!! (still having flashbacks)

  • Tom

    There needs to be a movie! Also, I’d love to see a movie about how a 30 year old Buffy was doing. I mean, she’s ”the girl who lived” so to speak haha….In the tv series she talks about probably not living beyond 18 but she did and it’d be awesome to see how she handled that