Selena Gomez Scores Her First #1 Album With ‘Stars Dance’


Congratulations are in order for Miss Selena Gomez because we learn today that she has the #1 album in the country. After Jay Z enjoyed a two-week reign atop the Billboard Top 200 album chart with his new album Magna Carta, Holy Grail, Selena’s new album Stars Dance debuts in the top spot … pushing Jay Z down to the #2 spot. This #1 album is the first for Gomez, so you know she’s got to be extremely proud of herself. Woot!

Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance takes the top spot on the Billboard 200 this week, moving about 97,000 copies in its first week. Buoyed by the top 10 hit “Come & Get It” (written, incidentally, by songwriter and Pitch Perfect star Ester Dean), Stars Dance knocked Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail from its two-week perch. It’s Gomez’s first chart-topper, though all three of her albums with the Scene have made the top 10.

I guess all Selena had to do was dump her band The Scene to nab the top spot on the album chart. I picked up a copy of Stars Dance and I really like it, for the most part. The album is exactly what I expected it to be … pure, unadulterated pop music. I’m kind of obsessed with her single Slow Down so that’s the song that gets the most play from me but overall, I dig the album. I’m not sure if Stars Dance will have the staying power to hold on to the #1 spot for long but all it takes is one excellent week for the album to be named a bona fide hit. Congratulations, Selena! You’ve earned it, girl.


  • Krissy

    I can’t help it…that cover looks like something from Toddlers and Tiaras. She looks like a 5 year old.

    • @Krissy — Yes, the cover is terrible. But many of Britney’s covers are terrible, too so there’s that :)

    • AmandaMarie

      The font is pretty similar to the “In The Zone” font and everything. Selena definitely loves her Britney.

  • chadSF

    She sure captured our attention with this album. This is probably one the best ‘gifts’ she received as she recently celebrated her birthday. Now if she can just distance herself from Justin Bieber.

  • nicole

    congrats to her. im addicted to this new album, its just super fun pop.

  • Alyssa

    I like it but I’ll never admit to anyone that I listen to it. *blushes*
    The cover does remind me of Britney’s self titled one.
    Selena’s cute but I just can’t see her as sexy. She’s just got this cute little round face.