Watch: Kristen Stewart Tells Photog, ‘You Don’t Deserve To Breath The Same Air I Do’


A couple of weeks ago we saw photos of Kanye West going all apeshizz on a photog which resulted in a hospital trip for the paparazzo and no punishment for West. Today we get to see a video of Kristen Stewart going off on a different photog who dared to take photos/video of her. According to K. Stew, the pap is a “piece of shit who doesn’t deserve the breathe the same air” she does so … there’s that. It’s unknown what, if anything, the photog did to incite this kind of response from Kristen but irregardless, it seems clear that she was not happy. Yikes.

  • LinnĂ©a

    Eyy kanye. We found you a perfect match!

  • rOXy

    Sorry, but I love her for using the word “f*ckface*. lol

  • Joan

    I’m sure something prompted this…maybe she had been followed for a while and just got fed up with it… but the outburst seems a little excessive. Not Kanye excessive, of course, but Kristen excessive. I guess she upgraded her usual middle finger salute.

  • Krissy

    I think that paps do get out of hand a lot of times. Better to talk trash than to actually put your hands on one (which is what Kanye does).

    She didn’t make the best choice here, but after they wrote on her car, it seems likely they were trying to provoke her here.

  • dee

    The paps were looking for just that reaction. She was probably just fed up with being hounded by them and snapped. I don’t blame her.

  • JM

    well maybe if she stuck to biting her lips instead of spreading them, they wouldn’t have much reason to GET her riled up.

  • Dena

    I’m thinking she’s upset with the paparazzo and her response is in reflection of that , it’s understandable.

  • novadame

    KStew, and every other celebrity that feels victimized by the paps, have the ability to MOVE to almost anywhere else in the world and not be stalked by photogs. Love it or leave it.