The Most Important Bump Watch In Pink Is The New Blog History

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In the many years that I have been blogging, I have covered quite a few significant Bump Watches in my time … from Kate Middleton‘s royal baby most recently, to Britney Spears‘s TWO pregnancies and a whole lotta babies in between. But today, I am so happy that I can cover the absolute most significant, most important Bump Watch in PITNB history … that of our very own Shannon‘s just revealed pregnancy. I have to confess, Shannon shared her amazing news with me many months ago and it’s been KILLING me to keep her secret. I know her baby isn’t my baby or anything but … yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and co-opt her baby not just for me but for all of us here on PITNB :) Pink is the new Baby, y’all! It’s a happy, happy day!

I think it’s pretty clear that I got mad love for Shannon and her sons so the thought of another baby joining the family is just too exciting for me … for all of us. I’ve gotten to hang out with Shannon in NYC since she started bumpin’ out (keeping the secret all the while) and I’ve been fortunate to see and touch the bump in person. I know I’m going to lose my shizz when she gives birth in a few months so be prepared. It’s not every day that I get to become a fairy godfather ;) I know all y’all have been showering Shannon with all your love and congrats all day long now but it can’t hurt to shower her with some more love. I’m very much looking forward to the coming months … cuz we’re gonna have a baby, you guys!


Happy Tuesday, Happy New Bump Watch Day!!!

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  1. Nicole

    Same Bump Club, I’m expecting my first in September. Congratulations Shannon!

  2. TRENT <3 <3 <3
    No, but for real. You are gonna freak when you see this baby, lol. It’s gonna be awesome!!!

  3. SD

    Congrats Shannon!!! So exciting!! And Pink is the New Baby should be a thing! Like a post whenever readers send in cute new baby photos :)

  4. rachel

    Mazel tov, Shannon!! You look fantastic; hope you’re feeling great, too. Looking forward to the ensuing baby-mania here. All good stuff!! :)

  5. Congrats, Shannon! You look FAB! xo

  6. AwesomeMargie

    Congratulations, Shannon!

    As for Trent, my son has a Fairy Godmother. ;)

  7. Samantha

    I was just complaining to my friend that I was going through Royal baby withdrawal and I didn’t know what to do. This! News!Saved!My!Life!

  8. rOXy

    ‘Tis indeed a VERY special time. 2013 is the year of royal babies. We need a PITNB BABY SHOWER!!!!! If it can’t be physical, then surely, some maven out there can arrange a virtual gathering with real gifts. The name Emily just popped into my mind for some reason. Odd…

  9. I am really loving the lipcolor Shannon is wearing in that picture! So pretty!

  10. schmee

    We should have a contest to name Shannon’s baby. Winner gets to lick Nick Jonas’ abs.

    Or um… gets a free Starbucks or something.

  11. Grace

    Congratulations, Sharon!!!

  12. Grace

    — Shannon!
    I am so sorry!! (Watching too much Y&R is my excuse.)

  13. I agree with Roxy…we need a PO Box so we can send the baby clothes, because a baby can never have too many stylish clothes! Ahhhh!

    “Pink is the new baby” is that a sign that the baby will be a girl? AHHHH :)

  14. Pink is the new Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trent, you are the sweetest! Congratulations Shannon! :-)

  15. PITNB virtual baby shower anyone?

  16. Aire

    Aw, this is so awesome ^^ Congrats Shannon :D And to you too Trent ;)

  17. Pink is the new Blessing! Congratulations!!! xoxo

  18. MJ

    Trent, did you just go all Maury letting us know you are NOT the father? ;)

    Still. Pink Is The New Baby!!!!!! So darn exciting! :D :D :D

  19. Karen

    So this is kinda like what just happened in England, right? Like that whole country just got a new baby? This BLOG is gonna get a new baby! I think ours is luckier. We’re more fun than England. :)

  20. muchacha

    Mazel Tov Shannon! This is great news :) Can i say I hope it’s a girl?

  21. Shannon

    Guuuuuurrrlllll Congratulations!!!!! I’m also in NY, also a Shannon, also awesome, and also preggo!!!! Best of luck to you mama and the rest of your beautiful fam too!

  22. Lol Bump Watch has passed, no is she or isn’t she here.. We’re officially on Bump Observance. Lol. Can’t wait for the baby on the pink burst coming from you belly post. Thats gonna be awesome.

    • Lauren xx

      LOL Bump Observance, love it!

      For real, congrats Shannon! AHH Pink is the new Baby! I don’t know if we can handle how much more adorable you’re family is gonna get. :D

  23. Congratulations Shannon! You look amazing!!!

  24. Lindsay

    Congrats Shannon!!

    Ok, so I think that if it’s a girl you have to name her *Olivia* as in Pope? Or if it’s a boy i think you should def name him *Jax Teller*! (altho my favorite is *Juice*…but that might be a lil hardcore for a newborn!)

    Yay for a PITNB Baby!

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