Buzzfeed Compiles An EPIC List For Britney Spears Fans


OK … so … Buzzfeed has made a name for itself by publishing brilliantly clever lists on various topics, some that are better than others. Buzzfeed writer Matt Stopera has published THE most epic Buzzfeed list that has ever been published in the storied history of the entire Internet. Stopera complied a list of the 70 Things Britney Spears Fans Love and as you can see below, he hit the nail squareney on the head 70 times (I’m assuming he capped the list at 70 because he could honestly spend the rest of this life coming up with Britney things for stans to love).

Click below to see some of my favorite things on this Buzzfeed list and see if they are your faves, too.

03. Starbucks: (see thumbnail photo above)

19. Crying:

37. This Pose:

49. Loving the fact that Britney totally got all the attention for the kiss:

58. The 2008 VMAs:

62. Lotus flopping:

LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!! You can see the full list of 70 Things Britney Spears Fans Love HERE, which I promise you is worth checking out. Matt Stopera is a genius, genius man … I tip my hat to you, sir. You’ve done us Britney fans very, very proud :D


  • Britney’sBitch

    Now excuse me while I go laugh my enjoy my ass off xD

  • James

    I posted this on my Fb yesterday after i saw it on the Breathe Heavy website

  • Krissy

    I have to say these items made me crack up:

    36. Blaming her dance abilities on her knee injuries.
    44. Secretly hoping Britney and Justin will get back together and live happily ever after. (Really now…shouldn’t this have been #1???)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Yes! All of this!! Yes!!! I will take any reason to talk about Britney or relate something to Britney.

  • XadaX

    ouch with the Xtina hate

    • @XadaX — It’s all in good fun. This “feud” has been in place since the beginning. It’s really all good-natured.

    • XadaX

      hehehe I know. Its still funny though tbqh

  • Alyssa

    LOVE this. Long live the legendary pop girl we all know and love and all the funny things about her. True icon.

  • Courtney Bryant

    This list just made my YEAR! It’s like a timeline of my life since 1998. lol

  • Megan

    That list is my life.